Indigo Children

In France, these children are called 'Teflon', in the British Isles – 'Millennium kids', in Russia they – 'children of light'. But more often they are called 'indigo children'. What are these indigo children? According to Dr. Doreen Virtue Psychology (USA) Indigo children are easily distinguished from their peers. These are children who have a creative nature, high intelligence, strong and assertive personality. They often see a more rational way to do something, but the surrounding take it as a violation of the rules. The old methods of education for children indigo not work – they do not respond to rigorous educational measures, punishments, threats, or humiliation. Indigo Children have a belief system, you can not change the influence from the outside. (Not to be confused with KBS!). ator Richard Blumenthal or emailing the administrator.

An attempt to somehow influence the views of the child leads to either aggression or to the closure of itself. Unlike normal children, they do not have absolute authority. Indigo Children are not consider it necessary to explain their actions and are based on the freedom of choice. At the same time they are able to make the right decisions, relying only on intuition. In addition, indigo children often experience attachment to plants or animals and just in love with nature.

They are in the highest degree have the ability to empathize and in dire need of the unconditional love of family. Indigo Children requiring manifestation of much attention, looking for a real, strong and sincere friendship. Being altruistic, they are eager to help the world in some great cause. Indigo Children impression unsociable, if not in the company of their kind. Generally, the indigo child feels older than his years (as if he was not 13, but already 43). Indigo Children have high self-esteem, self-confident, very, independent and proud. As a teenager, prone depressions. Indigo Children are capable of violent acts, if come across an insurmountable wall of incomprehension and indifference.