In Taurus

New knowledge will enhance the spiritual horizon. Fastened useful foreign travel and communication. Good time for spiritual study and mental labor, for science and technology to art, painting, metaphysics, and all unknown, for research, inventions and discoveries. Will be meeting with unusual, interesting spiritual people, for example, with a professional astrologer. Increases the desire for everything new, unusual, for freedom and independence. There are sudden flashes of insight. May will also be a great time for romantic adventures, meetings and visits. Particularly lucky in love, Aries, and all signs of elements of Fire.

This month may be lucky big Taurus. The hardest would have to Capricorn. And how the rest of this month for representatives of the various signs of the zodiac? Aries for a month in May will open the possibilities and perspectives in both business and personal life. Be careful the first ten days. Starting from May 10, use all the chances that Available to you.

But we should not hope for success in gambling, speculation, show business. Some anxiety can bring kids, or simply have to deal with their problems. In the first week of May we recommend Aries to travel. Communicating with family, friends, you will enjoy. Weekend in mid-May is best to spend with family and relatives, there will be many pleasant experiences. In May, you will succeed in intellectual work and study. You surprise surrounding his unexpected victory. In Taurus the main problems in the beginning of the month will be linked to the health and hassle at work.