Hong Kong

Agoda.com presents Agoda.com offers on the occasion of Hong Kong’s world famous jewelry, gemstone and watch fairs Singapore (4 August 2013), Asia’s leading hotel booking site and part recorded Priceline which on NASDAQ Group (NASDAQ: PCLN), has friends of jewelry, gems and watches on two upcoming events in Hong Kong, which represent the best that have to offer the respective industries: the Hong Kong jewellery and gem fair, as well as the luxury watch exhibition first Asia Haute Horlogerie exhibition. Held this year from the 11th to the 15th of September, event of its kind in the world considered Hong Kong’s jewellery and gem fair the best. More than 50,000 buyers from all corners of the globe are expected this year to take the offered by over 3,500 exhibitors, incredibly extensive ranges of jewels, precious stones, jewellery and jewellery tools inspect. In fact, the exhibition is so large that it had to be divided equally on two different devices: the AsiWorld trade fair complex and the Hong Kong Conference and Exhibition Center, which have about 135,000 square feet of exhibition space available. Visitors can enjoy not only on a previously never seen before range of products, but also talk shop with the exhibitors from 22 countries, or search on the 16,000-square-foot diamond Pavilion, which was built under the auspices of the Antwerp Diamond World Centre and the Israeli Diamond Institute. “Who is so far not yet familiar with the term Horlogerie, which it might interest, that thus on good German nothing more than watchmaking” is meant. Accordingly, she will first Asia watchmaking exhibition some luxurious, rarest, providing of oldest and most expensive watches in the world, with the focus primarily being wrist watches.

The exhibition at the Hong Kong Conference and Exhibition Center (Hong Kong Convention & Exhibition Centre) runs from September 24 to 27. Here, visitors can admire the pieces of some of the most famous watchmaker, “graze her eyes to the sinfully expensive models of the world’s best-known luxury watch brands or in the mastery of time supporting exhibition” inform about the influence that has taken time measurement on the history of mankind. Of course, visitors need limit their stay but not exclusively on the two gigantic exhibition complexes, because some of Hong Kong’s most popular tourist attractions are in the vicinity. The AsiWorld-fair complex, for example, right next to Hong Kong’s international airport, from where is it easy access to the famous Tian Tan Buddha statue, which has Ngong Ping Cable car, markets, shops and nature trails. From the Airport via a tram ride to get directly to the Hong Kong Conference and Exhibition Center in the heart of the city and has direct access to the restaurant and shopping scene, as well as to the ultra-modern architecture and pedestrian areas illuminated in bright neon colors, for which Hong Kong is famous all over the world.

Who is for fine jewelry, metalwork inspired by world class or precision-manufactured luxury watches, for these two events in one of the most exciting cities in Asia are likely to be just too tempting. To help you decide on a journey, Agoda.com presents affordable hotel deals in Hong Kong. Sebastian fell for another worldwide hotel deals by Agoda.com please visit our Web page. You find us also on Facebook under agoda or can follow us on Google + under plus.google.com/+agoda.