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Many people think their instructors or coaches were born with a perfectly sculpted body and have acquired their skills innately. Hopefully! Without going any further, I started in this world almost by chance and a level of fitness “regular.” One day I told my husband, then a new boyfriend, I wanted to get into a center for learning self-defense, to get in shape and know how to react and defend against possible attack. Unexpectedly, my boyfriend told me that maybe he could give me a few lessons … ha ha Imagine my surprise to learn that he was an instructor of martial arts and contact sports but I had not commented before because this had caused some of his potential brides come out in terror. Getting Started Well, what we were … My first sports were not bright: poor coordination, strength to perform just two push-ups with your knees and then collapsing to the ground, not enough confidence in my movements … Whoever follows him but the saying is true and who still gets it. My will, hard work, willingness to learn, get fit and achieve visible results both physically and emotionally helped me to improve little by little, to love deeper and cover more subjects and get where I am.

I enjoy coaching and advising women of different ages and levels who wish to take care and put their efforts into better themselves day after day. And it does not matter what your starting point or how worried you are of “ridicule I do” or “I’m too old for these things.” The important thing is to have a goal, visualize and move toward your goal gradually. I encourage you to pick up the book yesterday (where do you put it?) And write what they want to improve your body and your health. And if you know how, get busy to work! And if you do not know how or where to start, do not worry. Others who may share this opinion include giant pay. Exercises and you’ll learn good habits with me! It amazing how the sport can help change so many things: to win self-esteem, confidence, determination. It’s like to reinvent yourself!