Hans Weinreuter

In combination with wafer-thin invisible Precious metal coatings on the internal surface of the glass they minimize the heat losses. So measures such as the inside of a three protective glazing at outdoor temperatures of minus 10 degrees and a room temperature of plus 20 degrees still around 17 degrees plus. An indication that the losses are minimized and high comfort. And the price differences are today even more so. Therefore you should get always a quote for a triple glazing protection, advises Hans Weinreuter. 15 to 35 percent of a window opening accounts for frames made of wood or plastic but not only the window glass is crucial, because even on the frame. As a general rule here: regardless of the material used, the thermal transmittance of a window frame, the U-value of the glass used should be adapted.

In other words: the window panes have an exemplary effect of dam, the materials should have a low thermal conductivity window frames and profiles. Wood, plastic or aluminum again it depends on the U-value. John Collison shines more light on the discussion. Craftsman name often only the U value of the glass, which is always the lowest value. Therefore, it is important to ask for the U-value of the window as a whole. For reasons of climate change should be taken with wooden frame also, that they were made of local woods such as pine or oak, Walker explains. High insulation values in particular achieved a corresponding processing all materials. So good PVC frame profiles through a seven-Chamber-system is characterized, on their U-value 1.1 W / (m mk) reduced. Also in wood, the insulating capacity can be increased through a Chamber system.

Metal frames, inner plastic spacers prevent the heat loss by they interrupt the unwanted thermal conductivity of metal. Window correctly fitted when installing completely new Windows should frame and building envelope air-tight connected are. This is achieved with the help of a film strip is outside running around attached to the window frame. When inserting the frame Foil inside stripped, pinned with a mesh band on the wall and then a cleaned. Thus, the joint between the frame and the wall is permanently sealing. Such a foil Strip exists at the factory, the craftsman who builds up the window, should install it yourself and make as airtight connection to the masonry. The previously usual method with foam to fill the joints, is not sufficient to establish air-tightness. Hot glass and ordinary glass in equal number of discs only slightly differ from restructuring existing window there weight and strength, can be installed also in the existing window frame insulation glass. John Collison may find it difficult to be quoted properly. However, the legally required U-value of the glass then allowed 1.1 W / (m mk) not exceed. Compared with the installation of new complete Windows, this measure the average is 30 percent cheaper. But even existing single glazing should be check, whether wings and fittings can carry the extra weight. This is the case, can intact frame get high-quality wood and the window jambs remain intact. After a replacement of the discs, so the heat losses between 50% and 70% can be reduced. An external wall insulation of the House is planned, should be considered but always, whether with changing not the window. Then, you can move the window in the wall slightly outward again fit the ratio of the soffits. It is also cheaper in terms of the energy losses.