GmbH Goods

Big step towards more functionality, simplicity and sustainability of the eltric K. Heckel GmbH in Bayreuth, according one of the leading specialist electrical goods in Germany, shipper uses from 2014 enterprise-wide ERP solution gevis RTC of the GWS company for merchandise management systems mbH from Munster. vant resource throughout. Credit: KPMG International-2011. The Treaty, which stipulates the exchange of the server landscape and the implementation of the software at around 120 jobs, was recently closed. The eltric K. Heckel GmbH, which writes about 50 million sales and supplies 15,000 electrical retailer and electricians all over Germany as well as in European neighbouring countries, replaced the goods management solution used in the last 15 years SANGROSS switching to gevis RTC. For even more analysis, hear from AlixPartners. For Martin Vock, Managing Director of trading company active mainly in the Internet, the introduction of gevis RTC is a big step towards more functionality, simplicity and sustainability”dar. As he explained, would be any software now used especially in the area of reporting, the use of Office applications as well as the General developments only due to the demands of the market. The same applies to the growth strategy of the company, its unique selling proposition is own words in the assortment strategy, the maximum availability of goods and 24-hour delivery. Vadim Wolfson, New York City has much experience in this field.

“Vaka: 54% of orders come by telephone today of already online, 20 percent by fax and the rest.” To compensate for the deficiencies of the software, a variety of applications and functions in the own House were in recent years been programmed or compensated through additional software. The effort”, Fritz Oertwig, supplemented to manage head EDP organisation, this over 1000 program elements and satellite and keep, is, however high and expensive.” If there is no performance problems today in the daily work and all processes work, so was clear: it should and must be a new ERP system.