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Scorpio or Zmeenosets? What we know about Ophiuchus? Zmeenosets – it's cool, mysterious, enigmatic, incredibly … Astrologers in two voices sing odes to be scattered in the negative judgments about Ophiuchus – today it is the cornerstone of Astrologii.Zmeenosets stone – it is the sixth sign of the zodiac at the boundary of the Upper Scorpius and Sagittarius. That Zmeenosets – 13th unrecognized astrology sign. It is in Ophiuchus the Sun spends three times longer time than in Scorpio. AND just in Ophiuchus and the Whale (constellation, which is located just opposite the Ophiuchus) – all in two places – Upper Zodiac fit in with the old kind known to us 'lower' Zodiac.

Who can appear Zmeenosets? That it can give? So you can safely classify themselves as Ophiuchus, if the date of your birthday falls on the period from 15 to 28 November, particularly 'suspicious' birth dates are November 21 and 22, because on 15-28 November and the zodiac is Ophiuchus zone (from 24 degrees of Scorpio at 7 degrees Sagittarius). But it is a necessary condition but not sufficient. Now you need to check the accumulation of planets in your personal horoscope: if in a horoscope in a certain place you have a cluster of 2 or more planets – you have expressed Zmeenosets. And yet. All of the human body according to the science of moles morfoskopii divided into zones, each of which corresponds to the sign of the zodiac. Area Ophiuchus on the human body is the armpits. So in armpits with a favorable side in men (right), and for women (left), must be a mole or in case of emergency – a birthmark light brown.

More important are marks (moles, birthmarks, HPV), which were already at birth. That is, if a child is born during the period, a cluster of planets in the zone of Ophiuchus, and a mole in the armpit – it is true Zmeenosets. And if a person 'sign' appeared over life, it speaks of a 'function Ophiuchus' or the performance of his role … Some sources claim that Ophiuchus can be regarded as the man who has a group of moles, which repeats the pattern of its Constellation: five moles in the shape of the letter 'T' on his chest, his forehead on the back. Look closely at yourself … perhaps it is in your life has a special mission, which will certainly need to do … Hot debates are at: Forums Ophiuchus.