Financial Market

It imagines that a set of average companies of a sector, for example, has contracts of supply with a great company, as Petrobra’s. The companies have a future prescription, given that they will give the services or they will deliver the products for the customer. They can transform this future prescription into money in the gift to finance its operations,> Is an instrument of financial engineering that helps pulverizar5 risk, says Alfredo Moraes, president of the Andima (National Association of the Institutions of the Financial Market). deep of recebveis is ideal for excellent companies who do not have rating, but that they possess a good wallet of customers, complete Fernando de Marsillac Sources, of the Petra Corretora.Ritmo of expansoEsse rhythm of growth of the debentures and the FIDCs does not have to continue so strong. Exactly because the movement already cause reaction of the banks, that do not want to lose customers in its operations> Some companies already had left to make operations that were being studied when they had received offers with attractive costs from the banks. competition between instruments, says the analyst, does not have to be seen as conflict. The types of operation traditional credit, emission of papers or entrance in deep of recebveis are complemented and each one is appropriate to a type and transport of company. But, more than to steal resources of other instruments of financing, the deep ones of recebveis had helped to expand the market of private debt, still anmico in Brazil. Who today is qualified to emit a debenture already has three years. This magnifying of the debt market also occurs on account of this new type of operation that the FIDCs allows If the investment not to answer, if the entrepreneurs not to believe that it is supported, come back to the old problem of the pass of offer, say Moraes.*Marcelo Rabbat are managing of the PR