FIFA World Cup 2010TM: 58 Games In HD Quality With HD PLUS

Unterfohring, June 1, 2010. The countdown has begun. ARD and ZDF broadcast a total of 55 games, 49 of them in HD quality on the first HD and ZDF HD. As the only private free-TV broadcaster RTL transfers nine World Cup games live and in native HD quality: six preliminary round matches, two eighth finals, as well as a quarter-finals will be at RTL HD and so HD + can be seen. So, the viewers with an HD + can enjoy 58 games in HD receiver. For this, viewers apart from a digital satellite receiver need a HD ready TV and a HD +.

Possessor of a HD ready TV, which has a built-in satellite-HD tuner and a CI plus slot, can the HD + programs in conjunction with the CI plus module for HD + receive an extra HD + receiver is not necessary. The module is available for 79 euros in trading. HD + a HD + activated for 12 months is receivers and CI plus modules for HD + card in the price included. Which programs can I see in HDTV HD +? The complete program of RTL, sat. 1,.

ProSieben, vox, and cable one in high definition quality. In addition to the private channels are with a HD + HD receiver of course also the first HD, ZDF, arte HD and other channels in high definition quality to receive. Where can I get HD +? HD + is available in trading receiver reception card and the CI plus module for HD +. Receiver for an overview of the currently available HD + viewers on the Internet at. It successively more HD + added receiver in different price ranges and features. What happens after the free year? At the end of the twelve months of free use HD + for a service fee of 50 euro per year. The customer is therefore no contractual obligation or a subscription. Will more channels in HD + launch? Yes. There are still more channels in HD + added. The price will not increase, because he is not a program fee, but a service charge that has nothing to do with the number of channels and the content. In what format are the HD + broadcast stations? The HD + will broadcast transmitter in the 1080i format. The high resolution of 1080i with high-quality content, such as movies and elaborately-produced TV series, offers a fascinating viewing experience. At what frequency and what tag do I find the HD + stations? The HD + emitted 19.2 degrees East channel on Astra. The broadcaster RTL HD and VOX HD, visit transponder 57 (frequency: 10,832 GHz, polarisation: horizontal). The station sat. 1 HD, ProSieben HD and cable one HD, visit transponder 17 (frequency: 11,464 GHz;) Polarization: horizontal). Enquiries: Stefan Vollmer HD PLUS GmbH Tel (089) 1896-2120 about the HD PLUS GmbH which is HD PLUS GmbH a subsidiary of SES ASTRA satellite operator headquartered in Unterfohring near Munich. The HD PLUS GmbH was founded in May 2009 and marketed the product of HD PLUS, a new and additional programmes in high definition (HD) satellite. Source: Zacks. With HD PLUS come in future attractive offers of free TV in HD quality on the market. As the HD PLUS GmbH has been RTL and VOX, and SAT. 1, ProSieben and cable one can gain PLUS for HD. HD PLUS is designed for all the channels open, access further transmitters is possible and desirable.