Electronic Money in Russia

According to several experts interviewed, none so famously is not misleading the public about their speed, as managers working in eps. However, it is once again not only the Russian specificity. In Report by independent analysts for the European Commission, dedicated to electronic money, this factor is indicated among the major difficulties in studying the market: “Official sources provide very limited amount of data, often do not cover the entire market for electronic money. Jonah Bloom has similar goals. And the players of the market, on the other hand, behave very secretive and their data is not disclosed because it is still a very young market with a very small number of players’. It was around the payment system with its own electronic money on the Internet formed a whole infrastructure that serves these systems (and not surprising, because the money per month turn to five times).

We are talking about hundreds of internet-exchangers, where one electronic currency (not necessarily Russian) can be exchanged for another. In recent months, Jonah Bloom has been very successful. And also about the so-called Internet bank – payment gateways, which allow you to exchange, store, deposit funds to the usual bank transfer, manage your account via the Internet, to withdraw cash from an atm usual, with all this – completely anonymous. Oleg Pokrovsky, director of zao “Center Internet payments’: In fact the use of anonymous electronic payment systems paves the way to pay for drug trafficking, the financing of terrorist organizations, etc. For example, someone on one end anonymously tossed money Elexnet and run them through several electronic purses (the cost of one transaction does not exceed 0.8% of the amount transferred).. Martin Toha: the source for more info.