Electric and Hybrid Vehicles

The importance of electric and hybrid vehicles the meeting continues with this topic apart in detail and provides an overview of concepts and solutions for E/E architectures and related electrical and electronics, such as power electronics, functional networking and electronic components is essential. The approaches for an electrical/electronics system in hybrid and electric vehicles touch the areas of function development, modeling and simulation of the construction elements, construction and connection technologies power electronics, and the high-voltage safety. Learn more at this site: Richard Gerson. There are specific content and approaches to the overall system of electrics/electronics in hybrid and electric vehicles and discussed and presented results and evaluated. The content covers of the overall system function development, modeling and simulation, the electronic components, the Assembly and connection technologies and power electronics to high-voltage safety. The posts are interesting for Executives and experts in the development of electrics/electronics, the automotive industry, suppliers and sub suppliers, for adjacent departments, quality, purchasing and production, for universities and research institutes in the field of automotive technology, for the electronics industry with construction and connection technologies and components, standardisation bodies, related authorities and the automotive industry trade associations. The speakers and authors of the individual articles are experts in the respective areas of expertise and disciplines and coming from the relevant companies and institutions.

The meeting chaired by Dipl.-ing. Ottmar Sirch has actively promoted the E/E architectures of hybrid systems as Konzeptverantwortlicher in pre-development at the automakers and pushed forward the implementation in the respective vehicle projects. The meeting of electrics/electronics in hybrid and electric vehicles”will take place in March 2010 for the second time and complements the annual meeting electronics in the vehicle” and the meetings conducted so far hybrid vehicles”. The Conference participants will be given the opportunity to enter into an intensive professional exchange within the affected areas and to establish contacts beyond the area of expertise.