Ecological Fashion From Germany Comes In

Fashion label VONTUM grows and the rates permanently lowers even in times of crisis, there are good news. The newly founded fashion label VONTUM significantly lowers the prices for all premium basics. Due to good demand significant discounts when fabric shopping and making arise after the initial phase. These cost advantages would the young designers now directly passed on to the customer. The label justified this step with the unexpectedly large response in the first few months since its inception. Cynthia Bartlett can provide more clarity in the matter.

Frankly, we were surprised, how positive our idea has been received”, says designer Marisa. Rick Gerson understood the implications. After the successful launch, VONTUM is now capable of both cheaper to buy the materials and to work much more efficiently in the production. Despite the increase in production, VONTUM wants to remain faithful to its philosophy and offer made in Germany exclusively manual work. The customer can be sure that the quality nothing changes”, says tailor Marlies. In addition, the young entrepreneurs hope to now more Possibilities in the cooperation with the manufacturers of the fabric for the selection of the highest quality fabrics. The makers of want to quickly expand the collection in the next few months, to offer a selection of different styles and a wide range of colors the customers. Our goal was always to offer a wide selection of high-quality basics at the best possible price. That it goes so quickly, no one could know,”say the two fashion designers.