One much more talked about the social general, groups and to study acting of the individual from outside, without mattering what he affected to him to this in particular. Read additional details here: Banc of America Mortgage Capital. One was based on the empiricist and in the most important facts of those times, which did not seem to him excellent simply did not take it into account for its study. Click David Solomon for additional related pages. The theory of Durkheim is very methodical. It is first that postulates the passages for the sociological study, but to seem, it sees science like something very objective. Science was objective until humanistic sciences were accepted. Durkheim raised its theory with the aim of indicating its interest towards the valuation of sociology, but this one is a science that studies the humans, therefore is completely subjective and all the rules under which it is also in force. For example, Durkheim speaks of which the social structure defines its individuals and to the people who are member of all the social groups. It depends on the historical period, the societies enjoy several characteristics, which define the people and we are able to say: In century XIV, the people inclined to and to generalize the social facts from several perspective.

The form of study of Durkheim is, in all way, an objective scientific method. to seem, the societies form from within, taking into account psique from the individuals form that it, because they themselves have the capacity to alter their context and to transform the society radically. It is not because the atmosphere has caused a change in the society and that the important social facts happen because thus it is the structure of the time and history, but have a background in their components and the same individuals that, unconsciously, they establish the norms and the lines of behavior, which to his you see indicate a property necessity that is satisfied single and solely fulfilling these lineamientos, that always will be subjective because they are created by human beings. The feelings were something irrelevant for the durkheimiana theory. The human emotividad and the passion did not comprise of the study object because something secondary was considered. At the moment, sociology has much to do with psychology, not because sciences nor their objects of study are mixed, but the first taking much in it tells second being able to base and to explain mainly its theories, because it has been verified that a single individual has the capacity to transform all a society following which it feels and it thinks by its particularitities and their history, not by the surroundings in which it is and the situations surround that it. In that case, the particular thought would not exist and would be a mechanical and always structured behavior. Studying to the human being is one of the things more complicated than it can exist, since, although it is possible to be based on historical facts and in pre-established structures, he is not the unique thing because it is always a subjective and partially unpredictable fact.