Delivery Foods

Our newly opened online store Titan offers a wide range of dog food. When you purchase more than 1,500 rubles, food delivery is free. But before you order food, you need to know what will happen eat your dog. Because their bodies are much more sensitive than ours. So before you need to determine the food. Those "good" owners who feed their pets from the table, actually cause them irreparable harm.

Complete pet food should contain a number of minerals and chemicals to humans are not needed, and therefore, they do not exist in the human diet. Consequently, animals, eating food intended for the owners are deprived of necessary for their normal functioning of substances, which leads eventually to serious illness. To protect your pet from these effects start to feed it special created by the food. Recently Henry Cornell sought to clarify these questions. Food for dogs, cats and other animals, developed by leading experts, and it contains the optimum number of animals needed beneficial vitamins, minerals, amino acids and other substances promoting their full development. Our online store will offer you the best types of feeds for pets, produced by leading manufacturers.

Here you will find food for dogs most important brands as foreign (Advance, Belcando, Bosch, Bozita, Trainer, Pro Plan, Pro Pac, Royal Canin, Dr.Alder s, Dr. Clauder's, Eukanuba, Edel Dog, Flatazor, Royal Canin, Friskies, Gimborn, Happy Dog, Hill s), and domestic (Willy Tail Zoogurman, Night Hunter, Oscar, Tobique-winning, four-footed gourmet, excitons). The range of shops and there is canned and dry food, and food for adult dogs and for puppies and food intended for pregnant females. After selecting a call and order food from us. We always welcome new customers.