Cultural Circuit Square

In the Administrative City, we will be to a distance floor. The capacity imagines of resolution of important subjects between the secretariats of Planning and Management and Health, Education, and between as much other areas, even though with proper the viceone that, occupying the same physical space, will be able to potencializar its action. It is important to remember that the transference mentions the administrative sectors to it that give sustentation to the proper activities of government. The services of direct attendance to the citizen remain in the building that already occupy, the example of the Unit of Attendance Integrated of square Seven, Detran, among others. It admits initial difficulties to you with the transferences.

They can be potencializadas by action politics, considering that we are in electoral year? I do not believe. The Administrative City symbolizes the proper change of the concept of public administration that we are implementing in the government of Mines, since 2003, under the leadership and determination of Acio governor Snows. The mining public administration gave wide steps in direction to its professionalization with the only objective to raise the quality of the services given to the population. The mining model of public administration is applauded even though in the exterior, where we capsize marries of the Inter-American Bank of Development, that takes our experience to other states of other countries. In Brazil, we have seen other states and until cities if to espelharem in our model of public administration to modernize its administrative structures. Therefore, and, over all politically, the decision to construct the Administrative City, offering to bigger comfort to the servers, optimizing the actions of the infrastructure Executive, endowing a region that was forgotten e, still, generating economy to the public coffers it been, alone deserves applauses. We have full certainty of the recognition of the rightness of this measure. How will be used the Palace of the Freedom? It will be reserved for reception the more important official visits, for example? the Palace of the Forwardings? The Palace of the Freedom it continues as seat of government of Mines and will be the heart of the Cultural Circuit Square of the Freedom.