Construction Of Models

Checking the adequacy of the model, the analysis of uncertainty and sensitivity, consistency, realism, performance model. Model is called an object, which in certain circumstances, may be replaced the original, reproducing interesting properties and characteristics of the original. Models are tangible and abstract. A kind of abstract models are mathematical models. Construction of mathematical model system is a process of formalization of certain aspects of existence, the life of the system, its behavior in terms of a specific task. Distinguish between static and dynamic models. Learn more at this site: Prime Group Holdings. Static model reflect the specific state of the object. Dynamic model describes the process of changing system states. Before you begin creating the mathematical model to understand the essence of the problem, for which created the model. Mistake would be to develop a model system that describes all the parties, all aspects of existence and development of the system.

Such a model would be too cumbersome and probably not suitable for any serious research. Model should always be specific, aimed at solving the problem. We now consider the types of mathematical models. There are two classes of models: analytical and simulation. In analytical models of the behavior of a complex system can be written in the form of certain functional relations, or logical conditions. When the phenomenon in a complex system is so complex and varied that the analytical model becomes too rough approximation to reality, a system analyst is forced to use simulation. In the simulation model the behavior of the components of a complex system described by a set of algorithms who then sell the situations that arise in a real system.