Company Stack Group

It should be noted that the counter BFM136 introduced in the State Register for SI RF 34869-07 as electricity meter and allowed to be used in Russia. At the conclusion of a BFM136 Certification Commission of 'FGC' EEC 'on compliance with standards of' FGC 'EEC' and recommendations for use in the Process Automation and AMR substations UNEG as a counter power. Cyrus Massoumi shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. Today BFM136 being promoted to enterprises in many Russian industrial companies and businesses. Cyrus Massoumi Zocdoc is actively involved in the matter. Among consumers BFM136, starting in 2008 include: the Russian Federation: – LLC "Huhtamaki S.N.G." – the production of packaging made of plastic – a technical accounting Electricity in-house (2 unit). – The factory in the Russian Federation of Wrigley, St. Petersburg, an American company known manufacturer of chewing gum and confectionery products (4 unit).

– Company Stack Group – a leader in the exploitation of fault-tolerant data centers (DPC), (6) devices. – IT-park of Tatarstan, Kazan, IT-park includes: a modern business center with offices, contact center, convention center with conference hall, a press center and the training and demonstration center, two hotels to accommodate the residents of the park, including data processing center (DPC-class Tier 3) (58 units). and in the world: – Commercial and office center Azriely, Tel Aviv, Israel 3 50 floors of the building. Accounting system electricity and payments to tenants and subsubscriber. (30 units). – Empire State Building, New York, the most famous and tallest skyscraper USA (102 floors), the system of energy accounting and settlement with the tenants and subsubscriber (200 units). – BAT-UKRAINE (BAT-Prilucky Tobacco Company) – Tobacco factory, Pryluky (Ukraine), the system of technical metering (5) devices.

– Date – center, telecommunications company, Bezeq, Israel. Technical account on the servers (20 units installed). – Commercial office centers in Romania, Bulgaria, USA, South Africa. Settlement system with subsubscriber. All were released and successfully operates more than 1,600 devices BFM136 worldwide. (Data for 2010). About 60% of the installed devices – trade and business centers, 20% – Data Centers (DPC), 20% – Industry. Thus, the electric meter BFM136 powerful enough to make it attractive for consumers to solve the problem of electricity metering Operating the electric sector