Carcinogenic Substances

Carcinogenic substances in sandals who slips in his shoes barefoot, his health does not always a good thing. A study of summer Sandals by the magazine Oeko test”reveals worrying findings, as the Internet portal reported. Editor-in-Chief Jurgen Stellpflug stressed that tests within that product group emerges again and a number of negative aspects. In addition to incorrect sizes and colouring, laboratory tests showed carcinogenic pollutants in alarmingly large numbers. So dockers by Gerli settled, for example, in the model show traces of the dye component p-Aminoazobenzene.

It is questionable, as this model for trading at all could be admitted. The substance considered to be carcinogenic and must not be used for dyeing clothing for this reason. In addition to this article, other models included polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons. Also showed the researchers in two products for formaldehyde, which also is suspected, carcinogenic to be. The tested shoes were also tested on the stability of their soles.

Leading brands such as Birkenstock, Panama Jack, Buffalo could not score compared the contrary to less well-known brands. The respective soles could not withstand a constant load and turned out to be inferior. The criterion of the markings was the subject of investigations. No matter whether in dry, damp or sweaty State, eleven of the tested products strong, colored off two medium. Jeff Leiden might disagree with that approach. Who has already bought one of the tested models, should consider exchange the shoes. Even if the customer has no right to return, so dealers in most cases to grace any claims are striving so okotest”. More information:… GmbH Lisa Neumann