Start with Bloglines. Go to and create a new account. From the “My Feeds” in your account you can add new site feeds that you want to track. Select “Add”, enter the URL you copied and click “subscribe.” You can preview the results, but skip this step for now. Select “subscribe” again and feed the title of the site will be transferred to the left of the window.

Well done. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Vinit Bodas has to say. You have now subscribed to your first RSS feed. To read it click on the title and can see all the messages that are fed into a selected time period. News Record Power is most likely related to the feeding of the website belongs. In this case, the feed of a website to The Nettle Blog logs each new entry to my blog. If you find something of interest, most entries have a link to click you can follow. Every time you find a web site you want with a site feed, make a note of the direction of feed of the site, and add to your portfolio Bloglines.

Now comes the clever part. In the left column of your account is an “Extras” list. Select Download the application and select the appropriate file to download the Bloglines Notifier This file is only 100k so any half decent connection the download should complete in seconds. If the download is unsuccessful, you should see a small blue icon with the letter “B”. Double-click it cut short Bloglines. Click on the icon and you can adjust the settings. Specify how often you want to Bloglines to check messages for you. When the controls Bloglines feeds of your site and find that one or more have been updated, a little play chime and the icon displays a red marker Bloglines. This means that one of the feeds you have subscribed to has something new to say. So there you have it.

A spam-free, hassle free way to track web sites that have an interest in Providing, of course, you have a site feed. If not, ask why not. The second part of this article are displayed for webmasters and ezine editors how you can easily publish a site feed for your site and track visitors, for free.