Avoid Global Warming

Tips to avoid the first Global warming all clarify that global warming is the phenomenon of the increase in the temperature of Earth’s atmosphere and oceans in recent decades. The air pollutants accumulate in the atmosphere forming an increasingly thick layer, trapping heat from the Sun and causing the warming of the planet. The main pollutants are carbon dioxide (generated by coal-fired power generation plants) and the carbon dioxide CO2 (emitted by automobiles). Global warming is causing irreparable consequences: – the melting of glaciers – severe droughts that cause greater water scarcity; -Deforestation which increases or raises deserts; -Hurricanes, cyclones, global warming does with that evaporate more water from the oceans promoting these types of disasters; -The increase in sea levels will produce coastal flooding; -The condition of habitats such as coral reefs and forests could lead to the extinction many species plants and animals caused variations in the ecosystem. Under most conditions Learn more would agree. -Heat waves which causes the death of the elderly and children, especially in Europe; -Forests, fields and cities face new pest problem and more diseases transmitted by mosquitoes. Here some tips that will help to prevent global warming: reduce its impact on their long displacement of the CO2 produced worldwide comes from cars, trucks and airplanes.

Here are some simple things and practices to reduce their CO2 emissions emitted in their displacement. Reduce the amount of kilometres driving, using systems of mass transit, walking, bicycling or sharing vehicle: leaving manage just 16 km each week which normally handles, would eliminate approximately 227 kg of CO2 emissions per year. Use the private car only when necessary and do not use it for short journeys that can make walking. If you are going to stop the car by more than one minute it is convenient that you turn it off while Hold on. Pick up people from work or University: share your vehicle with any person who otherwise would lead his own car only twice per week will reduce their CO2 emissions in 723 kg a year.