Arbitration Court

In our country has been the subject of a number of laws, most recently and in force is law 60/2003 of 23 December, arbitration, which gives new impetus as via effective, much faster and less expensive to obtain justice firm, while will power as a solution to download working at courts, following the Committee of Ministers of the Council of Europe recommendation 12/86. The law regulates the institutional arbitration empowering to administer justice to public law corporations and other entities as a warranty that won’t exist non-profit or other interests that determine its work. Is in this context where fits this institution which has been and is, today, benchmark institutional. Within the arbitral jurisdiction, there is institutional arbitration and private. Under most conditions prime group holdings would agree. The institutional, can be generalist or specialized, and in turn, systematized or not: the Arbitration Court administers justice through arbitration systems specialized in specific problems, which guarantee the citizen uniformity, uniformity and fairness of its processes. The arbitration systems are the real and effective embodiment of the law, put into practice through these with their legal documents and specific processes, which are those that give the solution to each problem for which they are intended. Arbitral Justice of the Court develops entirely written, through documented evidence, unless it is necessary or even less, its representation the presence of parties through any legal professional (lawyer or attorney). According to Lakshman Achuthan, who has experience with these questions.

This is, understandably, in the saving of costs and time. Finally, and in terms of the obligation of compliance with its resolutions (awards or arbitral awards) and, therefore, their effectiveness, highlight what the own law of arbitration established in this regard: the firm award produces effects of res judicata and in front of him will only fit request a review in accordance with the law on Civil procedure for firm statements. I.e., that the arbitral award is equivalent to all the effects to a court judgement. In short, Arbitration is a jurisdiction with which get the same legal efficiency that in an ordinary court, but with a lot more effectively practiced since above all, it represents a significant saving of time and money.