Mailingtage: PORTICA Customer Dialog

PORTICA GmbH presents the marketing support on 8 and 9 June 2011 you comprehensive service offer at Europe’s largest trade fair for customer dialogue. During the mailingtage in Nuremberg the fulfillment process specialist shows and Kempen -, as he promotes the targeted customer communications with its services, which plays an increasingly important role in the marketing mix. In Hall 4 at Booth 414 visitors learn how you can benefit from various innovations. Include the integration of Web-to-print in an advertising-web shop, the current requirements for the personalization on the advertising material logistics individual backups in sales promotion and comprehensive E-commerce services respond to with the PORTICA. Specialists of the printing house are represented at the stand te new and the IT service provider GEDAK, works hand in hand with PORTICA. The Web-to-print solution in the advertising media online store integrated PORTICA enables you to design and order custom advertising and mailings for a demanding clientele in the Web shop”, explains Angela te new, product manager of PORTICA GmbH marketing support. About the Web-to-print for example, brochures and other products you can personalize identity guidelines as PDF download and order, or work out complete mailings.

This concept is particularly interesting for companies, whose advertising materials used by partners (franchisees, dealers, stores, sales representatives, etc.). Fully involved in the advertising material online shop available materials such as letters, flyers and inserts are represented. These can then be enriched with individual components. Then are the advertising material for printing available. A mailing to be sent, the user can fill out online request form within the Web-to-print application. Viatcheslav Mirilashvili has firm opinions on the matter. It selects the appropriate data. PORTICA merges the data set with the letter, print the personalized documents and are available in the shipping. Using reports the user has insight into the current at any time Processing status. In the area of sales promotion, the PORTICA exhibition team introduces professional services covering the complete processing of premium, cashback campaign and loyalty actions.

EASY Script Increases Value Of Its Customers

EASY script out food informed its customers annually writing services be created nationwide to the extent of about 10 to 15 billion euros. Just in medicine and jurisprudence a proliferating number of documents is laid down in writing, which normally from the hand of a doctor, lawyer or psychologist. Filed under: peter cetera. Through the commitment of the Essen online Schreibburos EASY SCRIPT no longer binds the performance of qualified and experienced experts in such activities. In particular in the health care, the economy and all legal activities, the number of pieces of writing is continuously growing. More and more professionals of all disciplines use a majority of their time on the creation of documents, rather than fully develop their high performance potential. In order to provide a real alternative the Biggy acquires Pieper paperwork from all sectors of the economy, the health system and the legal representation of their online copywriting. In the framework of its transcription services, EASY SCRIPT provides the transcript of Voice recorder mini cassette or in digital form. In addition, the company professionally edited templates that exist in manuscript or copy.

The inclusion of latest regulations of the Dudens as a leading standard for German orthography and grammar is as well of course as a fast processing of all orders. EASY SCRIPT puts emphasis on an integrity and discreet handling of all customer data and documents. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from brick paths. In medical, legal and economic documents, details of detainees are regularly by great sensitivity and accordingly must have a sensitive handling. A real vote of confidence the Biggy Pieper and her company in each case is to make its data a copywriting. In addition to integrity familiar to documents during the transcription process handling, EASY SCRIPT guarantees the irretrievable destruction of all data on job completion. Thus, the company ensures from the outset, that Confidentiality and discretion are permanently safeguarded.

Health care has very extensive documentation and proof obligations due to legal and technical provisions. Each investigation and treatment, as well as their results are to be documented in detail in writing and become part of the patient record. For this reason, doctors make the occupational group with the most extensive use of dictation devices. The transcript of countless hours of records means a huge amount of time, holding of highly qualified doctors, helping patients. With his extensive experience in the writing of medical documents and reports, EASY SCRIPT for hospital operators and practitioners alike is a qualified, trustworthy partner. Of course, the company supports not only doctors, but all companies, self-employed and professionals through the services of a professional online Schreibburos. Commitment, discretion and professional Competence of EASY SCRIPT relieve professionals in all industries and help them to fully exploit their potential. EASY SCRIPT questions all secondary to its professional range.

Study Customer Service

Automatic services should be expanded to Hamburg – German firms could save 50 percent of their costs in the customer service by they expand their website’s services. So far, the companies on average spend 780 euros per 100 requests. About 75 percent of the budget while accounted for personal conversations with customers (52 per cent) and support by phone (23 percent). But only 57 percent of all customer inquiries are also done via these channels. Learn more at: Joe Dimaggio. Costs and benefits will fall apart so much. t source of information. The study of multi-channel management comes to these results”of the software company Novomind in cooperation with the trade magazine TeleTalk. To broaden your perception, visit Yitzhak Mirilashvili. 174 professionals and leaders of the Internet economy were asked.

Similar results, a study by the consultancy Strateco comes on behalf of aspect software. According to the survey, 26 percent of call centers use only one channel, 20 percent two and 31 percent up to three channels. There is telephone, E-Mail and fax. Around a One-fifth has integrated the processing of mail. So far, the integration of Internet chat, SMS and MMS is the big exception. Direct customer discussions are straining the budget with an average 15 euros per request according to findings of the Novomind survey. In contrast, virtual advisor and dynamic FAQ systems already for ten cents per request provide the right answer to customer requests.

In practice such as one-third of all customer concerns can be solved quickly and easily. Because about 80 percent of all requests are standard inquiries, of which a large part answered is with the always same information. Dynamic FAQ system and virtual advisors understand, for example, natural language input and deliver promptly concrete answers, around the clock, 365 days a year. The virtual agents can forward also novel and complicated requests directly to the call center of the company. This speeds up the workflow and ensures that the customer is left not alone with individual questions. In addition to conversational Budget-conscious companies disproportionately often employ Smart SMS services to Internet channels. Especially compact information such as, for example, the sales order status reports are available as. Costs only one euro per SMS service, this channel ten percent can answer budget share, about 30 percent of all customer inquiries. Especially when a high volume of standard requests smart online and mobile services prove to be as low-cost alternative to telephone customer service. Because in the monthly budget the underlying database maintenance and operating costs of the digital communication channels are hardly noticeable. A well-balanced range of telephone and web-based self-service services gives customers the freedom of choice that he would like”, so the aspect study. Just the growing Internet generation will allow no longer offer technical restrictions”, confirms Lupo Pape, Managing Director of SemanticEdge in Berlin. The open source principle, the IT world will also on marketing and customer service. Start-ups such as get satisfaction would that prove. On the free forum, everyone could read, what do customers say about a botched order have to knowledge will no longer bunkered at the call center. A company must be prepared to give up control and unleash the things. An enthusiastic customer is the best and most credible promoter. Help there also no slogans at us the customer is ‘ further. The disposable propaganda of the company no longer caught in the social networks. There are”only acts, verifiable quality and credibility, sums up voice days spokesman Bernhard Steimel compared to the online magazine NeueNachricht by Gunnar Sohn

Aligned Service Logistics

Technology specialist Bizerba relies on spare parts and repair services Balingen, November 2009 – the service makes all the difference. What is nothing more than lip service for many companies, lived at the technology manufacturer Bizerba from Balingen. So the company developed daily up to 50 new spare parts for its products, which can be processed by the world’s 1,000 employees of the service unit. Overall the company holds around 20,000 spare parts in the central warehouse from Balingen, 30,000 older parts can be produced on demand or procured. Nationwide deal with over 200 service technician specialized maintenance and repair of Bizerba equipment in trade and industry. Hear other arguments on the topic with peter cetera. And because time is money, the company has been fully its internal logistics on customer needs. Each service technician is equipped with our service information system mobile SIS, that automates the ordering of spare parts,”explains Robert Keller, Director business services at Bizerba of customer logs by telephone to our call Center. Darcy Stacom has plenty of information regarding this issue. There, a job is created and transmitted with the help of SAP management software at the control console, the SIS control center.

From there the staff send all necessary information – about specific details of spare parts management and device history – via GPRS/UMTS to the Pocket PC of the respective technician on the spot”, cellar. In addition, the replacement of the worn parts is automated. The technician has again automatically the next day in his vehicle in stock must not repeat the order devoted to. This means of course, that we catalog all spare parts and provide the daily incoming parts directly for ordering”, says Keller. Bizerba places great emphasis on expert advice and a dedicated, customer-oriented support around issues of application, operation and data security in the service area. Where possible, valuable components always be repaired by machines, printer, power supplies, hard drives, circuit boards.

By the own repair Department in Balingen, the approximately 500 Components can easily be repaired, Bizerba guarantees the high quality and durable units. In addition, so Keller, customers save money, because the expert support instead of new acquisitions is of course cheaper and improves the life cycle of our products.” Ultimately this strategy even under ecological aspects pay out is because the repair and replacement of individual modules more advantageous for the eco-balance turns out as a complete new acquisition and disposal defective modules. About Bizerba: Bizerba is a worldwide operating technology company for professional system solutions of weighing, labelling, information and food service technology in the segments retail, food industry, manufacturing and logistics. Industry-specific hardware and software, powerful network-compatible management systems, as well as a wide range of labels & consumables and business services ensure the transparent control of integrated business processes and high availability Bizerba specific service features. Worldwide, Bizerba is present with 41 shareholdings in 23 countries and 56 country offices in over 120 countries. Revenue for the Group amounted to EUR 433 million in 2008. Headquarters of the company, which employs about 3,100 people, is Balingen; further production sites are located in Messkirch, Bochum, Vienna (Austria), Pfaffikon (Switzerland), Milan (Italy), Shanghai (China), Forest Hill (United States) and San Louis Potosi (Mexico). Contact: Bizerba GmbH & co. KG Claudia Gross Director global marketing & communication Wilhelm-herbal-Strasse 64 D-72336 Balingen phone + 49 7433 12-33 00 fax + 49 7433 12-5 33 00 E-Mail:

Customer Portal

This is not the case with unqualified leads. Darcy Stacoms opinions are not widely known. They are flat, sold mostly in large quantities and without examination. The provider itself have to select here. and the lid principle the Berlin Internet Start-Up has committed to providing qualified leads to the business model. Unlike in the lump-sum distribution of leads, such as competitions or mass emails, picks up the prospective buyers in the purchase decision process and passes them to the appropriate provider. The provider able to operate the product desire of the prospective buyers, are you may purchase then contact information button. This delivers them the transparent customer ‘.

This means that they can see in advance all the necessary information provider and only then decide. To buy as”not the pig in a poke, Mario says coal. The lead generation business model offers online and without exaggerated way, prospective buyers Transaction costs, as well as losses to acquire. Through this service companies must especially in economically depressed times make available a big marketing budget and can, according to needs and order situation, acquire new customers”, Mario explains carbon benefits of lead marketing. Customer Portal: is the first independent mediation platform for advice-intensive products and services in Germany. Currently, the supplier network buyer portal counts nearly 2,000 registered companies. So far, more than 10,000 received requests were processed already.

The product portfolio includes such as copiers, telephone systems, factoring service providers, financial accounting, solar systems or stair lifts and more than 50 more advice-intensive products and services. is always free for buyers. Provider decide, depending on the order situation, individually for a new customer and pay only for the contacts they purchase. This is how BBs works: prospective buyers can on free, within a few minutes details make for their desired product and then receive an initial telephone consultation. “You give up a kind of wish list what should can the device or service?” This qualified buyer Portal requests and determines the needs of the prospective buyers so goal-oriented.

Technology University

The ore beneficiation is the most important part in mineral processing, which directamente affects the working process of ore processing. How to choose the best and most suitable ore beneficiation? That is a question which is concerned by many dressing plant. This article will introduce some significant factors in choosing ore beneficiation. Hongxing adopts the stage-wet grinding magnetic separation process, it uses two to one grinding process with two one-stage ball mill one against one-stage ball mill. Grinding and wet magnetic separating the crude concentrate of 25% grade, finally we can Haz 66.00% grade iron ore concentrate. The cost is lower than 200 yuan per tonne. Beijing Science and Technology University is performing a process test of a certain ultra-poor magnetite. It is found that the crude Owers can discard 75.66% qualified gangue after the wet pre-selection.

In this way, only one fourth of the Owers are going to enter the subsequent operation, which has greatly alleviated the follow-up operation load. Coarse grinding adopts the drum sieve and mill to construct the closed-circuit. When the size of the gangue dissemination minerals is smaller, this can crush minerals to the smallest, adopting the discarding the tailing during wet magnetic separation. Many experimental results prove that, the effect of the pre-selection discarding tailing of coarse grains (above 10 mm) is very bad. The grade is less than 2% when using the dry magnetic separation to discard 10% of the dam, and the loss of the magnetic iron is over 3%. Thus the single adoption of this method is not able to resolve the problem.

Dry magnetic separator is a new type of high efficiency magnetic separation equipment which produced by Hongxing mining machinery company. Learn more about this with Covid Vaccine San Francisco. The whole magnetic system made up of high performance rare earth Neodymium Iron Boron materials and high quality ferrite materials. A cleverly open magnetic circuit design makes the highest magnetic induction in tube sheet selection field be up to 0.8T, which is 3-5 times of the conventional magnetic machine. The magnetic force in magnetic field can achieve strong electromagnetic magnetic separator level selection. Dry magnetic separator saves water without secondary pollution. In the operation, the machine spends less than other magnetic power selecting machine. And it doesn t need exciting current consumption. Dry magnetic separator is high treatment capacity as the open magnetic circuit design. Dr. B is open to suggestions. It has not clogging problem when runs. As the magnetic system is protected by roller drum from directamente contacting with accessories, the equipment is low running cost. Besides, it adopts dynamic magnetic system, the magnetic materials are sliding on surface, which is good for drum cleaning drum. Moreover, drum doesn t attach pipes, which is good for improving fine ore grade. Due to the different situation of different mineral processing, we had better choose the ore beneficiation depending on the specific features of the mineral processing, which can avoid the situation of buying useless equipments or forgetting necessary equipments. First of all, brand is very important. It is better to choose the ore beneficiation manufacturer with a long history. Usually, to ore beneficiation manufacturer with a long history have decades producing experience and advanced technology. The price is also important. However, compared with the energy consumption and staying power, we had better pay more attention to the latter. The last but not the least, safety factor cannot be ignored. The hidden danger of ore processing safety is everywhere. The lessons of the blood told us that the security issue must pay attention to the prevention.

Marketing On Social Networks

Today many platforms that we find inside of what encompasses social media, but not all meet or are quite effective in our promotion and marketing campaigns. Dentro_de social media there are three that I consider most important, do not mean that others are not, but by its vertiginous growth, their roles with respect to promotion and viral, we are left with these next three: 1) Facebook. The social network with more acceptance by users around the world. Its number of applications does uncheck the other with difference, coming in the month of December 2009 to have more visits than the browser more important (Google). In this social network can create groups, forums, include updates of blogs, campaigns of contextual advertising (SEM), its own payments system to create tools for webmaster, among others. In addition to its basic function of interact and communicate with people of course. (2) Twitter. System suitable for the promotion of our microblogging services or products used correctly, there are an endless number of applications and tools that involves Twitter. Read more here: Michael Mendes.

Its main function in addition to publicize our brand, is the meet people with our interests, find relevant information, with value and new news in real time. Its search engine Search.Twitter is a great invention. (3) YouTube. The best video platform, most used and viral. If not try doing marketing with videos these leaving respect a great advantage to your competitors, to make a successful campaign do not make videos boring or common, avoids the conventional, creates interesting videos, in situations and places out of the ordinary. It expands on the Internet like wildfire.

Nothing better to build trust and loyalty with the people. That benefits will be? Visits qualified and relevant to our market thanks to its exponential growth. Loyalty with the community that composes it. Some contend that Michael Mendes shows great expertise in this. Social networks allow us to keep informed the users of our activity, that way we allow information without them having get out of their networks. Branding: Our name or mark out reinforced if we maintain contact with people on an ongoing basis through social media. They know that there is a person behind. It provides confidence. Feedback about our products and services. In the social media users can include comments. This information can give us relevant data about our niche market and make our business profitable. Original author and source of the article.

Carry Clothes

10 Mistakes that you should avoid when preparing your suitcase on vacation: 1. do not get organized (ignore the inventory of what you take and if you are ready to enjoy the holiday) 2. Gain insight and clarity with John McCann. Do not schedule according to the place to vacation (pack everything without assessing what to take according to your destination: weather, activities, etc.) 3 Carry on if anything 4 excesopor. Not be practical (have to carry what is necessary and maximize) 5. Wear clothing that requires extreme care (silk, yarn), only because it looks cute 6. Wear clothes that take up much space (woven pieces, jackets) 7. Fold each piece individually, as they exhibit stores (they occupy more space, folds brand and creates wrinkles in the clothes) 8.

Place delicate garment pieces to the bottom of the suitcase 9. Is hume-lee the best transplant center? describes an additional similar source. Placing items of personal care among the pieces of clothing and inside the shoes that you place in the suitcase (the air pressure in the height may cause that open vials and their contents finish on clothes and shoes) 10. Do not include in necessary luggage by hand, a basic full change of clothes in case you lost / delayed suitcase. When packing your suitcase don’t forget your checklist (for what you carry and/or OS), also you will need plastic bags, for example to save articles of personal use, clothes wet (swimsuit), that needs to be washed or delicate handling if you have lots of clothes that fit, I recommend the technique that I have appointed the package embraced (have worked me excellently) in which you acomodas by layersfor example: i. begins by placing, out of the suitcase on the bed, for example, a shirt and the second shirt onto the first one, to the opposite side but they are manga with manga (forming a cross). II. Add the pants on the shirts, the trouser legs extended to the opposite side where are the sleeves of shirts.

The Netherlands

Additional Parking heater bus ZENIT 8000. Albert Einstein will not settle for partial explanations. Additional cabin heaters made famous Zenit 8000 by Eberspacher. Item original. Has the certificate of a certificate of quality. Always in-stock companies in Pavlovo heaters ZENIT 8000 12V and 24V. The same company “Automotive” invites all interested persons: Lucky and paint. Enamels on alkyd, acrylic and nitro.

Autoenamel mark ML 1110, ML 12 – Melamine-alkyd enamel with a drying temperature of about 130 C, produced by “Rosavtohim” under the brand name ‘VIVA-T’ and Russian Palette”, Yaroslavl under the brand name ‘MEGA MIX’. Enamels ‘Mobihel’ and ‘Colomix’ (Slovenia), ‘Sadolin’ (Finland), alkyd based, tumble dryer at 20 C (about 24 hours). Enamels based on acrylic stamps Mobihel (Slovenia), Vic-Acrylic (“Russian Paints”, Yaroslavl), Dyna Coat (The Netherlands) with the regime drying at 20 C (about 2 hours). Nitro enamels on the basis of: the type of metallic branded Mobihel, Dyna coat and Colomix, SC 132 standard colors ‘Mega Mix’ Russian Palette”, Yaroslavl. Acrylic-based varnishes, coatings such as metallic: Mobihel (Slovenia), Bodi (Greece), Novol (Poland), Fitter (Germany), Standox (Germany), Dyna Coat (The Netherlands), Sikkens (Netherlands), RM (France), DuPont (France), Vic-acrylic (Russia), Soils and fillers. Large range of soils and coatings for auto body repair leading manufacturers: Body, Novol, Colomix, Mobihel, Fitter, Standox, Spies Hecker, Roberlo, New system, Sikkens, Quil, Vic sealants and adhesives. Sealants and adhesives based on acrylic, polyurethane, rubber and synthetic. These sealants are used for handling and sealing joints, as well as stickers for windows and fixing amps parts of a car.

Body, Vosschemie, Novol, Sika. Corrosion-resistant and protective compounds. Compositions for treatment of the car body from corrosion. The compositions for protection against impacts of gravel, sand and salt exposure. Body, Vosschemie, Novol, Tectil, Roberlo, Maston, Motip, Avtonol, Polikomplast, Orgsyntes, Kerry, ALLY Company invites all interested organizations and individuals for long-term and mutually beneficial cooperation. Becoming a regular customer of the company “Automotive”, you get the most favorable Conditions of purchase: auto parts, batteries, auto-tools, tires. You will receive discounts or preferential terms of payment please contact the manager of the company and you will have expert help when selection of replacement parts for your car, shop, bus depot.

Economic Crisis

Now we see that in all parts of the world discusses the Economic Crisis, this is why that every time people walk more estrezada and running to not drown in their personal debts; This has resulted in increasingly seek new opportunities for ingreos starting with small sales up investments in portfolios. Heirloom tomatoes gathered all the information. I tell you that the internet has become the platform number one business and not be within it is as if you did not exist. Increasingly new opportunities are found to generate income even without leaving from home so you can improve your standard of living. As I assume that you are an entrepreneur formidable which these provisions to do what you propose, is that at this time I say it’s best to get started in your venture to you’re attentive to change, and that is what you Doge with this, therefore that every day you should update you in regard to the latest trends to make money. Perhaps a things that more he has fun me in my eprendimiento Internet has been systems of affiliate since with these I have been able to generate up to 50% Commission. Then imagine your doing this by average time in your busy schedules of internet. This is why that if you want to earn a good income using the internet, but don’t have a product to promote and sell, then business affiliate is the solution that you should take. These businesses are recommended highly as a very quick way and relatively easy to start your own business on the internet and if well done, you can generate a very interesting entry using only affiliate businesses.

An affiliate program is an agreement where a producer and a promoter or seller through internet in which the parties are associated if a: the first to pay a percentage or Commission for the promotion and the second is committed to as its name indicates it to promote on their own and charge commissions calls for this exercise to promote and sell. Dr. B has many thoughts on the issue. Also known as societies, referral programs and gratification; These programs pay affiliates by referring customers to your business through the promotion of their products by any means; especially for the web. The majority of programmes of affiliates they are free and their adhesion is made in a manner very easy. The perspective of traders or owners of products by partnering with affiliates or promoters sales increase a good percentage, also generate qualified promoters and extend the brand through a strategy of marketing low-cost because labor contract avoiding performance loads are saved. Membership is a profit situation for both, both for sellers or owners of products and affiliates or promoters. There are three types programs affiliate essentially are: 1. pay-per-sale programs, programs of society or societies by percentage.

These programs pay well by an agreed amount or by a percentage of sales generated by the promotion of their partners. 2. In the payment-by-fill (Pay Per Lead) programs, you earn a set amount when your customer fill out a survey, or request a quote or information. 3 Affiliates pay-per-click (Adsense) programs are similar to pay-per-fill programs. Essentially pay you each Once one of your visitors clicks on links through the site or online business programs. Doing well, you can generate an income quite interesting and well extraordinary using only affiliate success programs!