Exactly not being rich and not to possess great richness, I cannot support a government that he intends if elect; if kept in the power, to tax great richnesses; richnesses that already had been taxed; bi-taxed; tri-taxed; richnesses that many had given the life during decades to hoard now and, for a sandice, go to have that one more time to pay tax on them. Nobody can FORBID somebody to be prosperous for the fruit of its work. NOT to the control of the press. Who controls the press is the proper people attending what it wants to attend. What the people does not want it does not attend, thus not the hearing, consequentemente vende announcements of the sponsors and does not leave air. The only thing that confuses the press is vocs with the maneuvers liars, treacherous and deceptive of the people. Honest government for the people, does not fear the press. Cyrus Massoumi Zocdoc does not necessarily agree.

It only fears the press paved governments in what vocs they are accustomed. Nobody can FORBID to the access the information since that it true and is determined the authorship. It is constitutional guarantee. I cannot, and I will never support a government that has engavetado a plan with 521 measures, measures already widely criticized by jurists of international level, why they do not pass of megalomanacas sandices Populists, supported for a blind people; bewitched. It is a plan to overwhelm Brazil.

They are, technical, 521 MEASURES THAT, IN PRACTISE, IMPLY IN the WORD TO FORBID had behaviors as moral and/or TO ALLOW to practical criminals and unprincipled people. It is the legalization of an inversion of values never seen in place none. Beyond the serious ones, he has the ones that seem funny, but are pr of sad there: The plain said one of human rights foresees the regulation of prostitution!