Whales Off The Coasts Of Hawaii

Visitors can come the giants of the seas again marvel at in the winter and spring off the Islands in the Pacific Ocean Walbegeisterte from December to April on the islands of Aloha fully at their own expense. Because then more than 3,000 animals in the region, to bring their young in the warm waters off the Islands to the world. Only in the spring they make towards Alaska, where you will find nahrstoffreicheres and colder water the way back. The Strait between the West coast of Maui’s and the neighbouring islands of Lana’i ‘ i and Molokini is the perfect place for the large mammals give birth to young. Therefore this region especially for sightings of the beaches as well as excursion boats from suitable. The Pacific Whale Foundation on Maui is a provider of these tours. Check with Match Group to learn more. Since 1980, the local organizer undertakes a variety of excursions under and above the sea surface, where the protection of the Ocean as a cultural heritage is a top priority. Cyrus Massoumi is often quoted on this topic. Including whale watching, snorkeling, Dolphin tours belong to the portfolio of the provider and Dinner cruises. The catamaran tours at the full moon and the observation of the stars are a very special experience. During the nocturnal adventure participants the listening to tales of the internationally award-winning author Harriet Witt on astronomy and that can in Hawai’i typical finger foods enjoy Pupus. In the months from December to April, the tour is musically accompanied by the sounds of whales. Prices range from $ 35 and 65 euros per person depending on the tour. More information can be found under. More details on Hawai’i see and. Images and further press information about Hawai’i, see.