Weapon Boxes

Arms should be kept legal persons in a safe, cabinets, boxes, pyramids and installed in specially equipped premises, discharged, with the hammer released, put the safety catch, clean and lubricated, separate from ammunition. The arms assigned to the employees of legal persons, in a safe, closet, pyramid or box attached labels indicating the type, model and number of weapons in accordance with an inventory of books and registration records and securing weapons. If you would like to know more then you should visit Economic Cycles Research Institute. 164. In the armory of legal persons with special statutory tasks in conjunction with the weapon is allowed to store cartridges in , shops, swap or clip reels.

Weapons in their original packaging (cartons, boxes) and the cartridges in bottles (zinc boxes with zinc) can stored on shelves. Cartridges in bulk is stored only in metal boxes, closed by two locks, different secret. In individual safes, metal cabinets, boxes, pyramids, and by separate storage of: a) ammunition and weapons (except as indicated in paragraph 164 of this Instruction). At the same cartridge containing pyrotechnic compositions, or filled, tear gas and irritant substances, as well as ammunition, which gave misfires, stored in a single package, and b) artistic and decorated weapons of all kinds, containing precious metals or precious stones, and c) the seized weapons and accepted for temporary storage of citizens or employees other entities, as well as such weapons and the balance consisting of: d) of gunpowder, packed in special sealed metal bottles (boxes), and gunpowder, packed in plastic bags for retail trade. 166. Metal cabinets and drawers for storage of weapons shall be closed by the castle and have a thickness of not less than 2 mm, for storing gunpowder, bullets and articles containing a pyrotechnic charge or pyrotechnic projectile equipment – not less than 3 mm, and used for the transport of weapons by air – not less than 1,6 mm.