Vladimir Region

Namely – in Alexandrov, past which do not will pass no self-respecting tourist. After all, this town, called in ancient times, Alexander Sloboda, about 17 years was the unofficial capital of Russia. It was here that Ivan the Terrible in anger dealt a mortal blow own son, and earlier here, he arranged bride bride married twice, and both times his wife died too, Alexandrov. You know, drive there without better half and children. So, just in case.

In a gift to your best friend too, will be to bring a beverage that they drank with great pleasure that our ancestors did. No, not herbal tea (I'm hot and he also does not hurt), but a real giant drink – drunk honey. According to extant ancient recipes in the town of Suzdal is brewed the famous mead. Walk the streets and monasteries of this beautiful ancient city – open-air museum – always completes the purchase of the drink. Spiced mead infused with hips and other herbs – you can choose to drink to suit every taste, and even correct – to get to another small collection, so he chose whether to continue to give preference to "Strelets" or "Oprichny. There is in Vladimir Region is one more city, known throughout the world. This is Gus-Crystal. A lot of water in the river Goose flowed since then, as in 1756, merchants Maltsova built a first plant for the production of crystal. Set Awards won product of talented local artists. Created by their hands masterpieces exhibited in many museums, adorn private collections.