Venezuela Integration

the inclusion of Venezuela to MERCOSUR means an increase of our imports and exports toward markets of the South and of course a cultural exchange, an educational and social exchange between Nations that have a same story and of course have the same destiny; that would lead us to development. Brazil and Venezuela develop two important physical integration projects: highway which will communicate to Manaus with Venezuela and the electricity interconnection between the Venezuelan Guri company and that same Amazon capital, zona franca and important Brazilian industrial center, where the particular interest that has Brazil, towards the integration of Venezuela into MERCOSUR is clearas well as its unilateral support.Threats: The incursion of Venezuela in the markets of Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay and Paraguay (MERCOSUR) will be decided as State policy, but will be effected by the dynamism and the direct involvement of employers premises. A negotiation of this nature if is ahead only by a political interest and are not studied the existing asymmetries between our economy and that of the countries comprising MERCOSUR could bring damage economic, political, social and cultural; that it will be reflected in international trade. If the areas in which there could be the integration are not reviewed may result in damage to the economy, coming from a strong recessive process and where there has never been clear and stable policies in time to stimulate the development of the device production. problems with oilseeds, cotton, milk and meat, areas in which the countries of MERCOSUR are surplus could arise.Since then, there are those who oppose the accession of Venezuela to MERCOSUR as the Heraclito Fortes Senator who says, incorporating Venezuela into MERCOSUR as a full member is, at this time, a recklessness that should be described as dangerous, since it involves compromising identity, efficiency and even the future of the original MERCOSUR author and source of the article itself.