TOP Promotion

In this case, the amount paid does not depend on the results and determined at the time of the contract based on a set of keywords which will be held for promotion sayta.Oplata position – means to pay for the result, ie at the conclusion of the contract value is determined by the output of each specific search query into TOP10 (top5, TOP3) and payment made only for those requests for which the site is located at specified positions. Payment for traffic – new, and yet not particularly popular method of payment for Web site promotion – includes payment for every visitor who came to the site of the customer from the search engines for targeted needs. Let's try to understand the advantages and disadvantages of each of the schemes in terms of agencies and clients. 1. Subscriber way pay – until recently the main and the only way of payment for site promotion. Is the best in terms of agency payment method, in which case compensation Agency does not depend on risk not getting a site on the agreed position. Thus, the contractor does not feel pressure to get your site in terms of TOP10, fully focusing on qualitative methods to promote your site customer and using only approved methods for search engine promotion. In addition, with quality work promotion agency, this method of payment is the "cheapest" way, ie ceteris paribus, cost of putting the customer site in TOP 10 will eventually be minimal. On the downside of this scheme for the client include large initial financial risks when the customer is obligated to pay for the work the agency has not yet seeing specific result.