“The Three Graces “

In recent times we have incorporated in the sports world and more specifically in the football the adjective “Galactics” to refer to players who enjoy the “three thanks” and explained to me: they represent the best dominating the ball, drive contracts economic and also serving in the Real Madrid. With all this it seems that the Real Madrid directors want us to assure fans that both the show and the results may be compatible, but since its inception, the show is unfortunate. Read additional details here: Linfox Group. Since the change of Queiros by Del Bosque in the technical bid was argued as a modern football that is the seniority in the institution and in the race and the discretion and restraint in the arguments should be banished in favor of the low and almost zero background of Portuguese in the elite world football and I am not referring to the professionalism of Queiros but I respect the arguments for his move which saw the most outrageous ever Galactic said in sports. Then it was Camacho, who ran again and now Sachi and “Luxe” but the results are the same since its inception, The victories since the appearance of the term “Galacticos” are similar, Pyrrhic and the minimum in most games coming back from a goal a game with little structure in the vertebrate without pitch and anarchic football game where systems are only remote and apeadas journalistic strategies by the sparkle of the “galaxies”, now appears a new term the ” square “and previously discussed by the” diamond “and soon we will put the accent to the” cone “to say no more nonsense geometric and play football with the fair experiments, among other things because the” Zidane “,” Raul ” “Ronald” and others have done great with the traditional football, with teams where the set offset precedence over the individual and where the game systems are the foundation of athletic success. And if you want to continue with same arguments may need to reconsider the change of scene and put the stars in a circus, looking for a team “esparring” and emulating the Globe Trot “on Sundays at 19.00 with” sales “give us delicious flashes .