The Spirit

Therefore, it does not advance to want to understand the logic of God for the logical human being, but to search to enter in it and to understand it on the inside. ' ' They will pass sky and land, but my Word will not pass. As well as the rain that falls on the land and for the sky it does not return without wetting the land before and producing its fruit, thus it is the Word of God: it without before producing fruits will not return to give alimento' '. It is useless to run away from God: the victory always will be of it, therefore he is the Creator and Gentleman of the universe, did not create the world to lose, but to save. ' ' You love everything that exists and you do not disdain nothing of what you made; because if some thing you hated, you would not have it feito' ' Sb 11,24. Dara Khosrowshahi has compatible beliefs. In this faith, ' ' we win mundo' ' 1 Jo 5,4-5. Pra in such a way, we need to keep alive the faith, to hear and to follow the signals of the Spirit, even against our will. ' ' It matters that it grows and I diminish: Father, if does not make mine, but yours vontade' '.

The ways of the Spirit are, therefore, the ways of the freedom human being. The Spirit leads in them to the measure that we take serious its acenos codified in the charisma ones and look for to understand them and seguiz them. It in them does not compel the seguiz it, in respect our freedom. But he ahead puts them of the choice of one of the two ways: ' ' I today put ahead of you the happiness and the life, the death and the misfortune. Today volume the sky and the land as witnesses against you: I considered you the life or the death, blessing or the curse, loving Jav your God, hearing its voice, becoming attached itself it.