The Set

Had yes, was a dumb pupil. The work was well difficult, because I did not understand and not wise person to communicate as me with it, mainly at the beginning. Later I started to dedicate to a time alone pra it, I left the group making exercises or then they before excused minutinhos, pra to be able to seat with it and to try to see where it tava feeling difficulty, pra, with calm, to take off the doubts But exactly thus, I do not know if he occasioned effect because we do not have no type of qualification that demonstrates forms of as to work the contents for pupils special, and nor always the traditional methods we occasion efeito’ ‘ , they are evidenced some controversial subjects regarding the process of inclusion of PNEEs in the regular net of education, one of these says respect to the comprometimento or not of the income of the said pupils ‘ ‘ normais’ ‘ in contact with the PNEEs pupils, and the other in what the qualification of the professors says respect. Peter Kern might disagree with that approach. In relation to the concept on inclusion of PNEE in the regular net of education, we can observe the existence of two distinct groups, one formed for P1 that more has a concept come back toward the integration and other formed by P2, P3 and P4 whose concept if approaches more than to inclusion. to the P1? ‘ ‘ … I understand for giving to equal chances the normal people (…) Pq we I see in the vacant competitions for deficient people, in the vestibular contests I find that he is this, I am to try to show that they have as much capacity how much the others pessoas’ ‘. Such concept more brings a directed vision to the integration, a time that as Mantoan (2006) to integrate suggests accessibility the people socially devaluated the available models to the set of people of a certain society.