The Seminar

In this sense the question about women jeopardizes the mother’s castration, and the question of being associated with it. The Seminar of “Psycho” Lacan said that arise it is to be a woman and two different structures to be determined in the first case of hysteria, in the second of psychosis. Lacan found in Dora and Schreber the same question raised both in the core symptoms of the hysteric as the center of the delusional structure. Dora wonders in the form of identification to the father from where it emerged Mrs K in the vacuum of enigma, while raising the object to the dignity of the thing lies in its failure to be and in relation to her desire . It is in this identification the man who the female object it represents fault and is directed towards assuming a masculine position “When the subject of women spoke of K, praised her white body with an accent more akin to a lover than a vanquished rival.” At the scene of the lake, where the crisis breaks out the phrase of Mr. K – “My wife is not nothing to me” – purchased for Dora the value of a revelation unbearable as he reveals nothing in the place of women. He breaks his madness, which in terms of Yospe implies that “(…) interpreting the slope remains unconscious but altered, as their knowledge working on the production of a pleasure seeking performed in repetition with the subsequent outbreak of anguish.