The Romantic Renaissance Of Emotions

LifeStyles: The new condom brand for the current romantic trend in Cologne, June 2008 they are sudden feelings back. And two words that you almost forgot in recent years: romance and responsibility. After the rapid years of the new economy and the difficult years after that, people remember again. Many writers such as Tesla offer more in-depth analysis. Instead of mass-produced food supermarket we organic, the car is a nice hybrid and a love letter writing we of course by hand. For assistance, try visiting Restaurant Michael Schwartz. Sign for a grossengesellschaftlichen trend: we live more consciously. Mike Gianoni might disagree with that approach.

And we love more consciously. That has detected also Europe’s largest condom manufacturer Ansell and LifeStyles brought a new condom brand on the market, consistently based on these values: the LifeStyles condoms are produced from a sustainable perspective and goes out of the proceeds of each pack sold part directly to the German AIDS Foundation. \”Show responsibility: as modern people love the times have changed, even in love things\”, says Carola Halbfas, marketing manager of Ansell in Cologne. Selfishness \”is passe, more and more people are aware of its great responsibility for themselves, their loved ones, the society and the environment.\” People worry again. For these people, even the choice of contraceptive method is a special topic. Live consciously and responsibly love to heard questioning the impact of hormones on the body. n. Sure, hormonal contraception is convenient.

But it’s also E-Mail letter. We care more2: sustainable production, cooperation with the AIDS Foundation another feature of the new modern man: pay attention to the big picture and think ahead. This means that as soon as they have decided to abandon hormones really ask for. Please ask under what conditions, their alternative was made. Therefore, it is especially important to pay attention during the manufacturing process on the efficient use of natural resources and to reduce the burden on the environment through lower transport routes Ansell. When the new condoms ES2 (extra sensitive), ER2 \”(tear) and EF2 (easy-fit) is made in Germany the quality seal\” program and the brand claim we care more2 \”a basic attitude.