The Primitive

One knows that espermatognese for the testicules inhibits the secretion of the FSH, for one another side, an insufficience of espermatognese accented cause increase of the FSH secretion. This occurs, especially, when the seminferos tbulos are destroyed, including it destruction of the cells of Sertoli, beyond the germinativas. Thus, the control of the FSH synthesis is regulated by the cell of Sertoli, that produces a hormone called inibina. Embryonic origin the cell of Sertoli goes to be the pioneering somatic cell to have differentiation in the primitive gnada one, an event that goes to occur in the end of the sixth week of gestation of the man. Expedia CEO: the source for more info. In this phase of its development, the cell of express Sertoli, in the short arm of the chromosome Y, the Sry gene that is responsible for the determination of the sex masculine gondico. In such a way, the cell of Sertoli plays basic role in the differentiation and organization of the testicule.

Already in this period, the morphologic and functional interactions of the cells of Sertoli between itself, and with the germinativas cells (goncitos) and the basal membrane, are crucial for the formation of seminferos laces and for the initial events that propitiate the posterior development of the espermatognico process. During the development to testicular, the cells of Sertoli present two sufficiently distinct functional phases, called phase of proliferation and phase of maturation. The proliferation of the cells of Sertoli is probably controlled for some factors, including itself hipofisrios hormones and factors intratesticulares. Confirming the importance of the FSH in the division of the cells of Sertoli, experimental works involving the rise or suppression of the levels of FSH in the proliferativo period of the cells of Sertoli show that the number of these cells it can be reduced or be increased, with consequent alteration of the weight to testicular and the espermtica production.