The Location

Things unloaded tons of dealers and bought them at a good price, dozens of artifacts were strewn beneath his feet, only manage to collect and sell. In the clear sky on its head turned over almost everything. Full backpack weapons, ammunition, first aid kits, vodka and cans can shake off, at best, two and a half thousand. Miss it. that is bad, and the drag on the market has become useless thing. And so back to the battlefield for the sake of not to lift a backpack vlezshee junk is ridiculous.

Good money can be earned only two ways to participate in the war of factions (long and not very profitable) or search for artifacts last thing dangerous, but very profitable. quantitative artifacts in the game greatly reduced, and now you can find them exclusively in the anomalies (except for the fact that a couple of times we give the artifact to the quest reward). Moreover, artifacts is no longer visible to the naked eye. To highlight them, you need a sly detector. A sure sign that somewhere nearby there is an artifact that is a field of anomalies.

A prize usually lies somewhere in the middle, but to get it, you should try. Anomalies have become almost invisible, with no regular probing of the surrounding space to walk between them dangerous. These are not empty words: anomalies have indeed become a big problem. The detector begins squeak just a meter to a dangerous place, determine the location of the anomaly in the space with it will not work.