The List

Always keep a copy of this handmade item, reactivate it everytime you need money. It is an incredible tool that you can reuse many times need cash. Step 9. Remember to comply with the registration first to send $1 to each of the people in the list of names as explained in step 1 and step 2, then you should print this document only by modifying the list of names as shown in step 3 of the instructions. Your function is to advertise this document with your name added in the No. 6 position in the list of names. While more people are added to the system more revenue get.

* recalls, get more neusgroups, more answers (and money) will receive! But you must enter at least 200 and is now!. You will be receiving money from around the world, in places not known and within a few days! ** Make sure all the addresses are correct. It is estimated that there are 20,000 to 50,000 new users everyday! (worldwide) * another system to communicate this message, is sending emails to people who are in the directories of members of for example yahoo, hotmail, msn etc. You can find here for example people with Latino surnames and send them this message. Or they may also participate in the forums that there are on the internet and post this message. Remember to do this correctly, clean and honestly and will work safely. You only have to be honest.Remember, honesty is the best method.

You don’t need to do tricks with the basic idea of making money on this! * Incidentally, if you disappoint people putting messages with your name and does not send any money to others on that list, you will receive almost anything!, and it desacreditara to the system created with very good faith and works for years. Imagine, if everyone do that there would be no money circulating! Make sure you print this article now, and try to keep the list of those who sent money. This is the clean and honest way of sharing Fortune I’ve ever seen without costing us much except a little time. Time is important!, not miss more than 7 days from the moment that see this article! We follow all the rules of the business! I already sent my $6 and didn’t cost me anything else, I am now waiting to receive many dollars in my house. I was honest and with a great will I get to win quite a week because this system does work and can not fail, if everyone participated in a honest way. Remember that there is a law of cause and effect: you give – receive. I wish you many blessings. until then. Much success! Original author and source of the article