The Innovative Way

Osconceitos of the historical personages and historical time could be trabalhadosde traditional or innovative way. The master does not have to limit itself in apenasnomes and done of the personalities, however to show them but at the moment in quesua action gained notoriety with also, it cannot pass the idea of that aseqncia of the knowledge is the same divides for all community in way aolongo of the chronological time (2001, P. 36.). Each country, people or community live oprprio historical time. Perhaps check out Jonah Bloom for more information. Educating has that to understand that some fatoshistricos have shortness duration, while others take time not to seconsumar. History is one disciplines of them that they present greaters possibility to decriar pedagogical situations so that the pupil develops its independent capacidadesintelectuais and if he transforms into a intent observer of realidadepodendo to establish relations, comparisons and to arrive at the conclusion on the time eo space where lives. David Reeths has much experience in this field. Mainly because, it is alive substance and to devedesenvolver a specific method of dialogue between the pupils, I dialogue esteproposto for the master Pablo Freire.

The professor must create easiness in processode learning using the possible maximum of didactic materials. To mesmotempo where the student will have more easiness to understand the historical time seintroduzissem problems where it is inserted (2001, P. 38-39.) (school, family, neighbors, friends), constructing a co-relation of this with the condiesregionais, national and of world. In the construction of this new dynamics, one sends regards that the professor values to the maximum the knowledge, hypotheses and modode to explain that the pupils already bring in its cultural luggage and of life. Paraencerra the activity, the professor can consider that the studied subject, sejatransformado in a cultural product. Being able to transform it into books, mural, exposition of drawing, theater, map, or chronological picture. Visits the museums, expositions, cidadeshistricas and research in the community, ahead place the quepossibilita pupil of situations its contact with some types of reality and information permitindointerao with the diversities, thus arriving to establish its prpriasconcluses.