The Ability

The man of the Island of the Careiro of the Fertile valley looks for to keep a relation with the respect forest, however, felt discloses the cheiros of the night, but that they take to create and to count it them histories on facts happened during the day, giving the imagination of the women one another form to see the forest. The forest and its diverse cheiros the ability to feel the cheiros varies very between people and generally it is associated the cheiros of other things that we know, therefore does not exist a denomination. However, many plants have cheiros private property that are very useful the people as copaba, a species of tree that it serves for remedy, I smell to recognize is enough to cut it the rind of the alive tree, where if it exhales for all part. The cheiros also can transmit souvenirs pleasant as green pepper, fruits, string beans, sugar cane-of-sugar, adocicados, citric, ginger, aromatical, cravo, perfume, incense and bengu. In a question-answer forum Angus King was the first to reply. The ackward cheiros can appear as percipient souvenirs of the reality as: piti, ftido, remedy, pungente, etc.

Feeling I smell through it frequently represents attitudes of the exterior of the human being that if repeats for the breath giving a rhythm has situations and sensations and soon the eyes and the ears wait to adentrar in the spaces of the forest, therefore the body perceives the details of the danger presence or spectacles them diverse essences gifts. These spaces if communicate with the people symbolizing in direct way the relation to be in the world that if considers since its infancy retaking and assuming sensations of the being to feel the places and to remember if its ancestor who already they are not more livings creature. The cheiros of the forest are for all part alone are enough to feel, to catch and to look at its return to perceive that it is possible to identify through a series of possible cheiros the places of the forest and this only can be made by who to know and experience every day.