Irrfan Khan

If he tells lies, or honest? Is he a crook? He plays games? It is necessary to keep the people at the bar, and yet you must make him adorable. You should find it nice the way he is a nice guy but he is honest? A very interesting target. Irrfan Khan: “I gotta get me my own space, I do this for many years” and then the team! Priyadashan! I’ve yearned for a long time afterwards to work with Priyadashan. I have my messages again and again checked but no news of Priyadashan’. But then out of nowhere, I was at an event for the name sake’ did I receive a call, but there was no number displayed. I didn’t take off so. Then another call came, but I have not taken off again. I have Mira (Nair) asked if she called me and she said Shah Rukh Khan has tried with you contact to take, he has a story for you “she said Shah Rukh Khan has tried to call you ‘ only because I got linked to these two calls.

I met him and he is a fantastic man. He is someone with which you feel comfortable, he wears superstar its existence not as baggage with them, and he is a superstar. He’s going to be realistic to a superstar and the person he can separate it and consider it from a distance, which is a great achievement. He has given all freedom, the way as he worked on the film, the way he has positioned the film and the way he has been and his Status…er reduced his room in the movie, and given us this space. I was really happy that both the Director and the producer and all actors of the history have worked. What else happened in Bollywood there are projects where they worry not about the story but just trying each one step ahead to be the other, that can be a very unpleasant experience.