Beautiful Shepherd Songs

The new album of the shepherd – the most beautiful Shepherd songs – if a shepherd makes wedding as the Shepherd 1990-91 started their career, they brought a new spirit in the folksy Schlager. With the combination of earthy, nature-oriented themes and contemporary sounds and melodies, they met the audience in the middle of the heart. To underscore their naturalness, the Baden-Wurttemberg musicians occurred at first barefoot and in original Shepherd costumes and therefore were familiar from the first minute. The career that henceforth, started the shepherds, which was unique and is there to this day. Again, the songs about the customs of the Shepherd and the life philosophy of nature people play a central role.

On the new CD “The most beautiful pastoral songs (if a shepherd’s wedding)”, they are best and most successful of them grouped together for the first time. It is published on 23 September 2011. yesterday, today, tomorrow each time was on the album “the most beautiful pastoral songs (if a)” Schafer makes wedding) “considered.” There was a “Yesterday” in the form of the great Shepherd hits, which form the basis of the album as the original recordings. Songs such as ‘The shepherds of Bretten’, “The Santa Maria of the shepherds” and “Beautiful Shepherdess”. A few of these old hits were re-recordings and thus obtained from the “yesterday” in the “today”: “when a shepherd dances barefoot”, “If the Heidschnucken”, “I want to be like Shepherd” and finally also the eponymous “If a shepherd makes wedding” that sounds for upper-Schafer Uwe Erhardt at the moment almost like a motto for life. Since the announcement of his engagement with Angela Wiedl quite hit Germany is waiting for the big news, when it is finally ready. Yet it still says: wait! “If a shepherd’s wedding” is the new promo single of the Shepherd of the German-speaking radio stations are sampled in September. But the “tomorrow” on the album “the most beautiful pastoral songs is missing (If a shepherd’s wedding) “.” It is represented by two new titles; two potential new Schafer hits just hits of tomorrow: single published “even as a child I want to be a shepherd,” and that in the spring of 2012, sunny rhythmic “barefoot under palm trees”.

In all offers the album “The most beautiful pastoral songs” (if a shepherd makes marriage) 14 beautiful melodies with authentic, life-affirming lyrics, which best reflect the character of the Shepherd. There is, why the group among Bianca app, Carla Scheithe, Michael Kastel and Uwe Erhardt with its four members for so many years the most successful sizes of the folksy Schlager scene. The new Schafer-album “The most beautiful pastoral songs (if a shepherd’s wedding)” appears on the 23.09.2011 in trading. For more information on the official website. Source: Sabine Rothmair Ariola links: the shepherds “the most beautiful pastoral songs (if a shepherd)” Wedding makes) “CD Ariola 88697951232 ab 23.09.2011 sale”