A Work Of Painters. Marbling

Where Painters work we can find tables, chests and consoles which have lost ancient marble top or it has cracked or chipped. While it is possible to fix the cracked marble slabs and reshape chipped, not worth buying a new board: the cost is prohibitive and the weight of the piece could break the old boards. Worth learning, on the advice of a simple, painted to imitate the finish of this material if you want to keep the decorative spirit of real marble. Imitation of the veins The art of marbling were divided into two distinct techniques: imitation of the design of grain and dispersion, which are used solvents (alcohol, white spirit or water) to break or marble painting. Always have, to serve as your guide, a sample of real marble or a photograph. The bigger the better, because you will get a clear picture of how the grain would be willing and forms an area same size. A tip: you need to practice first on a test board, the plywood is ideal. Black green marble is important to carefully choose the colors of marble, especially if you start from zero, so that together with wood or painted base.

Here we combine the two techniques to obtain a marbled dark marble suitable for a dark wood base. Amount for an area of 2 m2: Underlays: 200 ml semi-matte black paint (two coats) layer of enamel. Oil paintings of artist: a little green earthy, a little chrome green, a little zinc white, some black and a little natural shade, a tablespoon of flaxseed oil, three drops of drying varnish, a tablespoon white spirit.