The Result

The amount of times is sufficient to describe a person thus? How many times mark the limit of yes and of no? We can perhaps know each fact the life of a person how to value its ranking of successes and failures? No. We measure the attitude of the person not to have the spirit nor the suitable conduct to secure the efficiency. That is to say, intentionality implies . It is not necessary recognition since one would not want to recognize its resignation before the success. Failure, is that word that nobody wants to hear and everybody fears, not by the bad work but because they have implicit the bad image of a bad attitude of one before the challenges. This one never can go accompanied of resisting, holding, facing, persisting, fighting, improving, and all those qualities that entail an attitude to improve one, to embellish their situation and to draw their dreams. Because then the victory would be clear although not outside visible in the body of the one objectives, but, inside one.

If the project is very complex, and it suspends it to the person clearing the approved one, perhaps for that person it is a success if before it did not know nor to write. By so, not always the success or the failure is bound to the result but to the attitude and the impact that such fact in the one enrichment has. This word has become I finish very contemptuous towards one same one and the others. More harmful than beneficial. We cannot deny that one must be conscious of its profits and his nonprofits, but he is better it to use a terminology that does not lessen that spirit that one as much needs, that does not destroy the self-esteem, nor diminishes the illusions and the desire to us.

Less still it makes us feel excluded socially that is what it lies down to do with the failed ones. Because that injustice? Because one supposes that person has looked for therefore it not to fight to better. For this reason, I differ of saying yes, to the failures. The word to fail has by synonymous; to be frustrated, to fail themselves, to spoil, to sink. To say, enchants to me to fail is like saying, enchants to me to frustrate to me. I consider that he is better to yes change it by the correct expression of, to the errors. It is one more a form healthier to be one conscious one that it has not gotten to fulfill the minimum requirements to approve in a situation. Original author and source of the article