Interior Decorating

The density of: – free light – heavy wallpaper (with a density of less than 110 g / m there are significant difficulties with the label bands in the presence of irregularities on the base, more dense wallpaper positively affect the atmosphere in the room). Depending on the picture: – Smooth-color wallpaper – wallpaper patterned (non-recurring pattern, which requires fit of neighboring bands in the label). On average, our wallpaper live 4-5 years. But it is only when the conditions under standards that they (that is, we, their owners) are required to comply with: first, the rate of lightfastness, which must be at least 6 nodes vosmigradusnoy blue scale. Therefore, from the owners need to follow the proper arrangement of furniture to the wallpaper in almost full daylight fell. Where they do not receive light, they rapidly deteriorate and fade. Second, rate of permeability, which should be not less than 100 g / m.

for 24 h. This condition greatly affects the indoor climate. Basically, this is all general information. And not to dwell on the common points, we proceed to a more detailed studying the phenomenon of wallpaper. Everyone here can gain for themselves the right information and make conclusions and choices. Correct! Well, now the most interesting: these are the most popular and prevalent in our country, especially types of wallpaper, of which obviously is something you should be impressed! Paper wall, of course, the most loved and most widely used are still paper wall. The reason is, first of all, their relative cheapness and ease of installation technology. In addition, they are harmless, let the walls 'breathe', they can be used to finish almost all residential areas with low pollution and humidity. A characteristic of them is the relative fragility (only some imported models are designed for the life of 5-10 years) is completely offset by the low price.