The Authority

It presents a good content, stops with that the reader, of them very removes propitious luggage in its lives, many stories, approaches facts, that in some one of them, makes that the same, feels of history, comparing situations subject, with the excessively occured ones in its personal life. For more specific information, check out Dara Khosrowshahi . It learns to deal with the too much forms of leadership, transplantando new models, and making with that it forgets the old models only wanting to order with the force and the power, egoistic attitudes that menosprezem the personal individuality, and if it takes possetion, of its ' ' autoritarismo' '. To lead is to work in team, is to know the other people’s necessities, is to hear and to feel what the fence, mainly the people. To lead is above all to question itself on its necessities and with that they encircle to it. to search solutions, where does not exist, is to respect the wills of the led ones and to love the next one as itself exactly. Chevron Corp usually is spot on. But it is essential to develop some of its abilities, either the servitude, the sacrifice, the leadership, the authority or the love.

As already it said, nor all desire to be leader. Those exist that find that to lead he is not for any one, but do not agree, find that all have its moments of leaders, either in house, the school, the work or even though between the friends. To the times we lead and nor we perceive, but when we possess the ability to influence the people, of certain form we are exerting the leadership. To the times we like this sensation, but we do not admit. 5) CRITICAL OF the RESENHISTA To my point to see, it is a very complex book, needing to have previous readings, where they will have that to make some research on some concepts, authors and too much knowledge that many times, we do not have the real knowledge of the boarded subject in question, at the present moment of the reading.

But the book has very good a dynamic reading, recommended for pupils in ways in generalities, students, colleges student, executives and so on. Therefore it brings one high knowledge in subject as leadership, authority, egoism, love and excessively, of great relevance in the life of that to have the chance to read. However, with the study of this workmanship, we will have a great matureness and exploitation in the course that we are, participating at the moment, therefore we will be apt to the basic principles. As to know to give to it with the too much colleagues of groups, and, consequently in the life in general way, either it, in the personal life, work and family.


This mass formed for laborers dispossessed with low income had formed, in the pantonosa lesta zone of the So Paulo capital, bairrros as Mooca and Brs, coexisting the misery, unemployment and illiteracy. The blacks had concentrated themselves mainly in already established quarter of the Bixiga and in the recent Mooca that long ago is shelter of rebelled slaves (quilombolas), since it was a region of bush sawed of difficult ascesso, the Italians had concentrated themselves mainly in the Brs, point of desembraque of the trains that they arrived of Saints, the remain of popula spread to it for the four cantos of the city. Perfect scene so that the phenomenon of the contact of languages occurs, in accordance with Hisses Grandson, ' ' the lingustica interference is one of the apectos of the acultura to, that is, of the facts that elapse of the contact of the men who possess cultures (and therefore languages) different ' ' 9. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Rogers Holdings on most websites. In the words of Couto (2007), researcher and professor in the University of Brasilia (UnB), in the reality, ' ' what it enters directly in contact are peoples (p) or members of them, taking the proper languages (l) 10' '. Still in accordance with COUTO, (2007) when a member of a community-territory (t), enters in contact with another member of another community, can say that it starts to exist the contact of languages, since the language does not live outside of the individual says that it. What it enters in contact are not the languages, but yes its falante, bringing I obtain its culture, this phenomenon studied for the author (COUTO, 2007) under the sign of ecology of the contact of languages, where language (l), people (p), territory (t), interact for the form to the one of the phenomenon, and P+L are the elements that make the contact to happen.