Relaxed Mother –

Relaxation and attention during pregnancy influenced the first time after the birth. Being pregnant is not a disease, it does not mean that you must drop the work and inactive wait for childbirth.” Quite the contrary. mailing the administrator. Being pregnant can also inspire, creative make and release an enormous energy potential. If we are courting or a wonderful event is imminent, we have pure Joie de Vivre in us and radiate the also. And that is exactly what the pregnancy. There grows a little suvidha and will eagerly and mother and father make sure it feels. The hands are placed on his stomach, the thoughts go to the baby, the first weeks of life is planned.

Of course, pregnancy is also exhausting, physical changeover operations making their presence felt in smaller and larger problems. The pace is slowing towards the end of the pregnancy and that’s a good thing. It applies to recharge your batteries for the birth. Before the birth, the baby participates in the life of the mother. It feel the rhythms of life, it noted that there are situations of tension and situations of relaxation. Babies also scare when mothers scare yourself and calm down again, if the mother calmed.

Clear mood barometer”for the unborn is the breath of the mother, quiet and deep flowing in the relaxation phase. The breath in exhausting, annoying, stressful situations will be shallow and short. Sometimes he falters even. The mother is relaxed, so the inhalation streaming wonderfully gently up to the baby down, it caresses formally and with the staying power of off that is emitted outside what has become now unnecessary tension and ballast. It’s good for. Not just the mother, the baby, too. Babies love it, when the mother comes to rest, they then begin their game. Urge to communicate, move, send little nudges towards uterus and demand attention.