Father Fyodor Vostrikov

And since both hands were occupied the chair, they were kicking each other legs. Boots were a stranger with shoes, and Hippolyte Matveev first had pretty bad. But he quickly adapted, and then jumping to the right, left, as if dancing Cracovienne, ducking punches the enemy and tried to strike the enemy in the stomach. In the belly to get him failed, because prevented the chair, but he ended up in the patella of the enemy, after which he was able to kick with his left foot only. – About Lord!, whispered the stranger. And then Vorobyaninov saw that the stranger has stolen his outrageous manner chair n.e none other than the priest of the Church Florus and Laurus – Father Fyodor Vostrikov.

Vorobyaninov taken aback. – Father! He exclaimed, taking his hand in astonishment from his chair, Father Vostrikov polilovel and pried, finally, his fingers. Chair, unmaintained, fell to the broken bricks. – Where's your mustache, dear Hippolyte Matveyevich? – With sarcasm asked naivozmozhnoy spiritual person. – And your hair where? Do you have hair after all? Intolerable contempt in the words of Hippolyte heard Matveyevich. He doused his father Fyodor glance extraordinary generosity, and took under his arm chair and turned to leave.

But his father, Fyodor, already reeling from the embarrassment, gave no Vorobyaninov such an easy victory. With a shout: "No, please, 'he once again grabbed the chair. Was restored the first position. Opponents stood, clinging to the feet, like cats or boxers, measuring each other's views, pohazhivaya from side to side.


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