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A pastoral power, that manages to exert a work of spiritual conduction of the individuals, because it establishes and it determines the structures and social channels of production of the subjectivity human. Therefore, the construction of the subjectivity is not a free and spontaneous process. By means of the intervention of created structures of socialization from the power, it is obtained that the behavioural unfolding of the individual becomes prolongation of tax schemes. In this work, one requests us that we realise an interview in depth to an individual (in this case to two), and we create necessary to make indications of the meaning of this modality of interviews: On the one hand, this type of qualitative or structural techniques uses the investigator, being part in the investigation process, taking part actively in the process of meaning of the analyzed social object like part of a reality that is constructed dialectically. The investigator must make a plot inside which he must lead his interview; the structured interview is not flexible, but it is controlled. Mentioned by George Lapassade, 1991, P. 46. he orients himself (of intentionally specific way with a previous script to the same) to catch (of form makes specific and comprehensiva), to analyze and to interpret the significant aspects differentials of the conduct and the representations of the subjects and/or investigated groups.

And how it indicates Morin (1995): this is precisely why, this qualitative, inherent approach to deep the motivational investigation, indeed demands the free manifestation by the survey subjects of its informative interests methodologic. On the other hand, it is necessary to indicate that Mead (1972) already makes reference to the technologies of I and to how the subjectivity through this instrument is constructed that the rogeriana perspective formalized: the interview. This etngrafa proposed that in the same, I who communicate am not somewhat linguistic and grammar I like I to speculate and therefore social, who emerge in a process in which the individual takes place to itself in a dialectic relation with the function of the other generalized, exploiting we in which crystallizes the set of points of view of his group dynamics, product of a position and certain social structure and of the group social to that socially it is assigned. Rough draft of the script of the interviews semistructured Through the two interviews that we have realised, our objectives will concentrate then in catching the technology of I of both subjects, by means of: The knowledge of the reality of the other person through " its own palabras". Centering us in some concrete aspect of its life, we are going to try " comprender" its personal vision. The learning exceeds what is important in the mind of " informante": its meaning, its perspective and their definitions, the way in which it or it sees, classify and experience the world. And for it, we have elaborated a series of questions that we are going to formulate the two people interviewed, so that we pruned to find out how they think and how they become position of themselves. Having in that we have selected to two Reps Director of Vertices Psychologists Licensed in Psychology Executive MBA Masters in English Bilingual Psicodrama in and French Age 39 years N of associated M-22453