Soviet Union

Ongoing intensive economic decline in all its branches, almost all live off the sluggish functioning acquired before falling steadily and the industrial potential of the economy post-Soviet states exist only at the expense of previously explored of natural resources (where available), stratification of society has reached such proportions that in the history of such examples, at first glance, it's hard to find, the contradictions between capital and labor tend to the level of confidence antagonistic, and that is a consequence of such phenomena, we well remember from history. Against this backdrop, leaders of some of the independent and sovereign states have decided to "prolong the agony," as long as possible in order to "sit" in place at least for a while, and if lucky, and before his death (Chubais policy, albeit in a more extensive forms) and leave on a "good impression" of the children. For more specific information, check out Angus King. I well remember that in the Soviet Union, resulting in an incredible concentration of economic management, business Still not "shaky do not roll," but go, decided items such management to "revive". They do recognize that this measure "sucked out of the finger," that history repeats itself first as tragedy, then as farce, but to do more nothing to the West, which are perceived as a "panacea for all ills," regrettably, all can not help themselves "in debt, both in the silks," a regular and systematic crisis, being one of the required attributes, the Anglo-Saxon model of the economy may finally "finish off" and replenish the world, "common market", "poor" post-Soviet states, it would be unwise.

Europe On Track In Poverty And The Bold Four – Renewable Means Of Payment

Europe on poverty and the bold four – course renewable means of payment the EU has currently 27 Member States of which are 3 Nations: Sweden, United Kingdom and Denmark of Monetary Union, the euro have not connected. This European Union is increasingly becoming a disintegrating “community”. This Federated States of solidarity among themselves, binding social standards and cohesion is lacking. A community of Nations and the people in it, can only make wanted and realized the humanitarian rationale on all democratic leveling. This principle does not exist in the European Union. Maybe there was when the founders to manifest the thoughts and also desire a community of States, in the sense of a democratic, federal system.

But that missed thoroughly. The EU today is a pure economic experiment that was also stuck with the euro. This glue, this currency is weak and porous disintegrates this fabric into pieces. On pure You can form no State structure economic contexts. This is just ridiculous when you consider – economy means power and power struggles, competition and rivalries, profit optimization and the daily struggle for profits. There is no place for solidarity and social standards in such an arena. No, the opposite takes place. It’s the daily struggle for economic survival.

In this battle there are no fixed rules, everyone is more or less even the next. It is solely to profit money, euros. The man is under the wheels of the machinery and serves only as a means to an end. He paid this fiasco of competition dictate loss of income, pension, pension cuts and hefty cuts in social services. Between the Member States, to stimulate its own economy, uncontrollable conditions in the labour market create wage dumping. The high levels of national debt, incurred in many attempts to consolidate the own economy through so-called fiscal stimulus, that benefit only the economy and their hunger for euros are the remainder of a series of more sinister things.

Childcare Allowance: How Would The Children Decide?

Mothers and professionals online discuss controversial law Berlin, 26.06.2012 the childcare allowance is a simple and cheap alternative for parents from poor backgrounds as and similar to mothers expressed and day parents of parents money in an interview with better care GmbH. quick has been clear that the majority of the contentious law. Many looked after customers report uniform problems in finding external support space. In this context, also the difficulty of finding a job was mentioned. A creche for the children and the reintegration into working life are interdependent according to experience of respondents.

The expansion of childcare facilities summary seems urgent matter that provides the childcare allowance in the shade. Also the respondents day parents reject the planned care money. So, for example, the day Mama Sigrid Konig said: I want to make not the family education work in question, but children need the community with their peers, to their place in society “find and with trained professionals.” Furthermore, she proposed to get the opinion of children. Learn more on the subject from relocation strategies. These might best decide whether they like at home or by a childminder would be supervised. Benefits of external assistance see the teacher especially in the better integration possibilities, as well as the joint masters of conflict situations. Steffen Zoller, Managing Director of better Betreut, believes the same as its customers. “We categorically reject a premium for the”to home care”and instead request the increase in federal and State funds to the (training) construction of U3 care facilities.” 2009, the coalition partners decided the childcare allowance FDP and CDU/CSU in the coalition agreement. Based on section 16 of the social security code parents from 2013 onwards should get a monthly fee of 150 euro, when they are devoted to full time in the education of their child. – better GmbH which offers better Betreut supervised TuV South tested solutions for the reconciliation of family and career. In 15 European countries, families will find the appropriate support in the categories of children, adults and seniors, animals, as well as household and garden. An experienced team advising also competently to questions around the topic of care. International enterprises and scientific organizations take advantage of the companies service of the better Betreut. Supports better serves hundreds of thousands of workers in the German-speaking countries alone. A worldwide Aupair placement is offered with the brand Aupairnet24. BESSER Betreut was awarded several times internationally for its successful concept. The company employs currently about 100 employees based in Berlin. More info can be found on. Press requests Stephanie K.n better Betreut Roth first breed 9 10245 Berlin T: + 49 30 / 29 36 38-28 F: + 49 30 / 29 36 38-99 m: W:

Public Organizations

I have very serious doubts within the meaning of" United Russia "the fact that Dagestan is located in the preinfarction state. Do these people realize their responsibility to the fate of Dagestan and Russia? I do not remember that these candidates have created at least 100 jobs to Dagestan. But this is a fundamental problem! I do not know what the economic outlook and moral values of candidates. Will they be able to withdraw from the abyss of chaos, Dagestan, lying, lawlessness, anarchy, irresponsibility, corruption and terrorism. Strongly doubt that the above mentioned candidates are able to withdraw from the humiliating status of Dagestan and the eternal insatiable petitioner, pulling his hand to budget money. And if they refuse to "unfasten" federal officials of the amounts allocated to Dagestan? After the collapse of the Soviet Union established in Dagestan Sicilian system of government. Click Lakshman Achuthan to learn more. And that is real and not virtual, pull out the tentacles of Dagestan octopus, a creature of the party need not, and ambitious person with strong fists, clear brain, sympathetic heart and a conscience neispoganennoy.

Why silence the other parties, public organizations of Russia and Dagestan? Where the civil society of which we speak so much? The question of power was, is and will remain central to any society at any time and for any nation. Dagestanis – is no exception. Moreover, the question of power in Dagestan has a special poignancy. Here is stronger clans of the Constitution. Here, the mafia is more powerful president.

It all started, confused and dirty. Because candidates must publicly and repeatedly to speak to Dagestanis their views on the situation. A lot of Dagestan has long, open or veiled, have expressed their desire to become the head of the republic. And that's fine. Anyone who feels the strength of this role, must take a public stand on his own program. People must be able to listen to all – the party and nonparty people. (I personally prefer the non-partisan, because the party often come in the name of career and money, but not in the name of service to the people). Still there is hope (and it is the last to die) that we can bring to the President of Dagestan intellectual with a hard character, capable of an honor to serve Russia and the republic, and not to steal from the treasury and not sell the people's interests for a bribe. Silence today – a luxury.

Important Changemaker

“Visions to be touched: Lund, Welzer & co. at the Congress of Utopia are the invited international top speakers under the motto the biggest lever for positive change” describe the most important ideas and approaches that actually make a difference, to address the problem of climate change and secure a peaceful survival all people on Earth. Therefore Germany’s largest community for sustainable life style has the main Changemaker”from the fields of economy, science, culture and media shortly before the major climate summit in Copenhagen to the utopia Conference in Berlin invited. Visionary program at utopia Conference on the podium of the radial system after a welcome speech by utopia founder Claudia Langer, the author of the climate wars “Professor Harald Welzer be. He opened the Conference with a lecture: “What are the major levers for a sustainable development?”. The multimedia entrepreneur and former Skype co-founder Morten Lund, follows him about making a start “crisis in the why invest in green projects makes sense” speaks. Max Schon, President of the German representative of the Club of Rome and co-initiator of the Desertec-project and Martin Hoppe-Kilpper by Dalton discuss on the topic of how the energy supply of the future look like?”in the connection under the direction of Professor Peter Hennicke.

“The entire conference program see: to the complex subject of consumers and strategic consumer also talk Professor Lucia Reisch and Rainer garrison by the okoinsitut, then to pass the podium on O Koo from China, through the latest issue of cleaning China” speaks. At the end of Niall Dunne explains by the consulting firm Saatchi and Saatchi which role of sustainability as an innovative instrument for companies. What ten lever resulting from and what timetable we should adhere to for the next ten years, journalist and author Peter Unfried summarizes again that at the end of the Conference with Claudia Langer. Accreditation and Information under: background info: is the Internet platform for strategic consumption with more than 50,000 registered community members and monthly over a million page impressions. Here, people who make their purchasing decisions (even) after that, meet whether they contribute to a better world.