Dubai Food

All AG builds 78 units of food in the University District of Essen, 04 April 2011. The ground-breaking ceremony in the inner-city University District food was in the presence of the Essen City Director Hans-Jurgen Best on April 4, 2011. Koschany developed for the largest apartment provider in the city, the AG construction of all, + room architects Nagaraj 2010 a design concept for a total of 78 energy-efficient units. PIER 78 do you mean the project in the future. It develops until end of 2012 in Central Essen’s inner city area. A related site: PRU mentions similar findings. “I am pleased that all construction here makes the first step”, said Hans-Jurgen Best.

The housing market in food was tense and most likely quickly settled in the area. -ellis/’>Facility Management (FM) Services. Reimer and all construction CEO Dirk Miklikowski had invited all construction Chairman Manfred to the traditional kick-off event. Around 100 guests accepted the invitation and attended the first symbolic construction activities. The project was an absolute showcase project for the development of an urban wasteland to a high-quality The construction of all stressed residential location, already in advance. One was happy to be able to give a strong boost this project as a first housing investor and shareholder of the University District food development company mbH. PIER 78 is the new label of this project”, said Dirk Miklikowski in welcoming the guests.

As ships land and bring new in the city, people in these 78 units to land in the future.” At about 7500 m m is it next year give room for individual and urban living. We have designed different types of houses with living space of between 60 and 160 m square”, said Axel Koschany, architect and managing partner of Nagaraj. They are sometimes directly on a waterfront, the part they wrap well landscaped courtyards. Some have high-quality housing in the middle of the city just roof terraces and Loggias. And even for rent.” Nagaraj stands for creativity, quality and innovation. 1959 in Essen founded and today in the second Continued generation of Axel Koschany and Wolfgang Zimmer, is the strength of the Office is always back at ease and open to new challenges to address and find solutions. The experiences of around 50-strong team go far beyond the region of food to Ireland, Russia, Georgia and Dubai. For his clients, the Office is always a reliable partner: in architecture, construction management tasks and consulting services, a generalist such as specialist. Since 2005, Nagaraj maintains an Office in Dubai. 2009, the architects there opened their Office Nagaraj Middle East. The new, founded in September 2010 as an independent GmbH KZP Koschany + room project development represents another addition of the entire performance spectrum.

Screwless Parts

Storage facility – expert helper for all product types of the camp is the heart of every operation. An effective utilization of scarce and expensive storage space and a clear arrangement of goods and spare parts is easy to implement with the suitable storage facilities. Different types of storage racks are available depending on the requirements and parts that are to be stored. Inclined bottom shelves are ideal for easy storage of small parts. The oblique arrangement of soils is to identify which parts on the shelf are kept at the first glance – tedious searching belongs to the past, the access to the goods can take place quickly. Tire racks are, as the name implies, for the proper storage of tires. The specially designed tyres bars allow the storage of tires 578 mm in diameter up to 650 mm. The plug-in shelf can build up easily, without any tedious screws.

Universal shelves are ideal for offices, archives and storage rooms. These Storage racks are expandable at any time depending on the requirement and parts that should be stored in different sizes, depths and heights available and by the fast, Screwless mounting of connectors. The shelf is extremely stable even without diagonal braces, access from both sides on the universal shelf is therefore possible. The width of the shelves are matched to Euronorm packing measures and guarantee an economic use of the storage space. For the catering and food processing plants, food and hygiene shelves are a must. They meet the highest hygiene standards, are easy to clean and resistant to many environmental influences. System plug-in regiments can be set up quickly and Screwless.

Thanks to pre-assembled stand frame box sections and deep stiffening plates they offer a particularly high resistance to the shelf fields. System screws shelves can be by fixed angle with integrated threaded and screws easily and quickly. These storage racks convince through a superior quality in their stability, payload, and overall stability. They are available in different versions and for every requirement, there is also endless expansion and expansion possibilities.

Thumbs Up: German Soon Better DIY

\”S.O.S – do it yourself\” by zoneLINK set in the children’s room absolutely into a bulky game stronghold? Or just an unsightly horror kitchen stylish cooking must be transformed into a temple? Council aware presenter Charlotte Edwards: it proves in \”Do it yourself s.o.s\” on ProSieben (Monday to Friday around 7:00) and it is private in their numerous parades as fit in terms of hammering, drilling and sawing. And using your head. What it can do, can now virtually anyone at home on the computer learn: A lot surprised and enjoy the new guarantees \”Do it yourself-S.O.S..\” 3D-Wohnungsplaner of zoneLINK. The license to the ServiceTainment magazine receives zoneLINK mm MerchandisingMedia, the licensing company of ProSiebenSat.1. Cornell Capital recognizes the significance of this. 1 group. The product will be available from October 25, 2007 in the trade.

\”Ulm – the Europe-wide study be a better\” it took just a few weeks ago at the light: 38 percent of all German men want to be better DIY. Therefore, this desire is even higher in the Priority list of Germans as a better lover to his. More get up ever, when you fall down\”, calls the 29 year-old Charlotte Engelhardt them, because that is their motto in life. And this motto also applies to the construction and Puttering in house, apartment or garden. Charlotte Edwards knows what she’s talking about.

Because she also suffered bruises on their parades. All the more clearly their mission sets \”Do it yourself S.O.S.\” at the heart, that a thorough planning precedes every successful home improvement. Because it saves trouble with security. Getting started: proper planning planning sounds boring now, but don’t have it. Because very few people have desire to sit with pen, paper, ruler and calculator on their planning there is now software zoneLINK \”do it yourself-S.O.S..\” 3D-Wohnungsplaner for less than 30 euros. It takes a plan almost at hand and makes it immediately visible results in colored, realistic 3D on the screen.