We are what we choose to be. Our attitude very says on what we are. Lately I have turned good young man. Not that it is a well of virtues. Bumble often expresses his thoughts on the topic. I am gracious, of time in when, and even though, when in time, amiable. I am not proud. In the truth, in my personality one total absence of pride exists. I have, ' ' in the questions spirituals that one almost cold objetividade, that security to think and to know that spirituals only possess the men truily, that lack of all ambition, that never they desire to shine nor to persuade to excessively nor arvorar itself in owners of verdade' '.

In these last years, good in the direction of some meanings of Nietzsche, I am forging inside of me the base of my pessimism. But it is not the disdain of the world, but before the disdain of me exactly, therefore, being able to speak cruelly without indulgence and of institutions and of the people, never I exclude me exactly; I am always the first one to who I direct my arrows. My writing is rebellious, sarcastic and with a little of acid mood. However, any person knows who me, immediately perceives that she is to a thinker and a man fond of books. My brother Melo Landmarks said this yesterday to me, 30 of October of 2010. But I know that the life is pain, is suffering, and as the Novalis poet said: ' ' The man had to be proud of pain; all pain is a manifestation of our raised estirpe' '. Magnificent! Eighty years before Nietzsche! But it waits, was not this the ticket that I wanted to write here It waits, it is, it sees here: ' ' The majority of the men does not want to swim it can make before it. He is not funny? Of course, they do not want to swim.

Italian Place

This my new friend adores to visit cemetaries. As good friend whenever I can I follow it in the week ends. I learned to less find information in the waited places. The grave of the Lenore family Branches, the same of the Street Consuelo Martino Lenore Branches, there downtown. The Appeared Building Jose Lenore Branches where it is the Trade association. The family must be old, to judge for the date of the death of the patriarch who dates of period of foundation of the city. E, for the amount of Japanese, Portuguese, Spanish and Italian last names in this cemetary I deduce that I am in a city of pioneers.

Of Akamura, the Bertocelli, of Axes the Oaks, all seem to have joined a place alone its of the sky underneath that seems to protect to all we. With certainty, all had had a life to count, to cry, to love and if to cheer. Made all it of choices, pains, loves, flavors and odors. E, of this script never I heard to say that nobody left living creature. That place that it had visited provoked in me an admiration feeling and respect, of estranhamento and surprise of the type that we have when in them we come across when capsizing the esquina. That esquina of every day, always equal e, suddenly, without nor more less, so different.

I started to repair in curves, colors, nuances, cheiros that it had not perceived until then. Something similar happens when we receive the relatives or friends, in that holiday. E, we are led, for the fiftieth time, to visit museum, the same zoological the same, same beach, the same park. E, without nothing of extraordinary it happens you is taken by an incredible atmosphere of surprise and close gratefulness. Lead for the dexterity and the rapidity of a stranger you are presented to one another place. For more specific information, check out BP.

The Spirit

Therefore, it does not advance to want to understand the logic of God for the logical human being, but to search to enter in it and to understand it on the inside. ' ' They will pass sky and land, but my Word will not pass. As well as the rain that falls on the land and for the sky it does not return without wetting the land before and producing its fruit, thus it is the Word of God: it without before producing fruits will not return to give alimento' '. It is useless to run away from God: the victory always will be of it, therefore he is the Creator and Gentleman of the universe, did not create the world to lose, but to save. ' ' You love everything that exists and you do not disdain nothing of what you made; because if some thing you hated, you would not have it feito' ' Sb 11,24. Dara Khosrowshahi has compatible beliefs. In this faith, ' ' we win mundo' ' 1 Jo 5,4-5. Pra in such a way, we need to keep alive the faith, to hear and to follow the signals of the Spirit, even against our will. ' ' It matters that it grows and I diminish: Father, if does not make mine, but yours vontade' '.

The ways of the Spirit are, therefore, the ways of the freedom human being. The Spirit leads in them to the measure that we take serious its acenos codified in the charisma ones and look for to understand them and seguiz them. It in them does not compel the seguiz it, in respect our freedom. But he ahead puts them of the choice of one of the two ways: ' ' I today put ahead of you the happiness and the life, the death and the misfortune. Today volume the sky and the land as witnesses against you: I considered you the life or the death, blessing or the curse, loving Jav your God, hearing its voice, becoming attached itself it.

Hanging Sacrifice

It can be I recommence that it comes today, or still is for coming. Who still knows it can appear after a time, but equivalent will be to think about what still it will arrive. In the way of our trajectories, in we find them lost, or found excessively, however none of the options discloses nor in points out them what we are to follow. It had days that the wakening aconchegou the certainty of good comings the life, thus with passing of the seconds, the certainty if launches to the wind leading a little of we ourselves. The reply it requires something definitive, but we do not want to decide nothing at that moment. Certain sufferings are similar. The preoccupying one is the actions that take in them to inside devorar this interiorizada guilt of us. This is the such searched synchronism to testify the error of somebody. Perhaps but it will bring the certain explanations of all the silenced words, of all the searched possibilities, without the least to consult the permission of the life!